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Adjuvant of Methionine in laying hens

Published: February 23, 2021
By: Ewa Sujka, Head of Sales Department at Liptosa
METHPLUS® is a nutraceutical product that acts in feeds as adjuvant to synthetic methionine (from Latin, adiuvare: to aid). Thanks to its ingredients based on plant extracts, seaweed and legume, helps to enhance remethylating path of the methionine cycle.
METHPLUS® was developed thanks to European funds, over a period of 3 years, and its effectiveness has been demonstrated in the field in numerous countries with different diets, different climatic factors and management, becoming an effective aid in the partial replacement of methionine, and allowing in turn optimization of costs.
Adjuvant of Methionine in laying hens - Image 1
If you are concerned about the volatility of raw materials and you are interested in reducing costs, go on reading.
Various trials carried out at AGAS Farm in Cuenca (Spain) in different production situations
  • Trial duration: 34 weeks.
  • Number of hens/batch: 65,000.
  • Control feed: DL Methionine: 1.6 kg/Mt of feed.
  • METHPLUS® feed: 1 kg METHPLUS®/Mt of feed + 0.6 kg DL Methionine/Mt of feed.
Methplus - Image 1
Successful result: the average egg weight increased when METHPLUS® inclusion rate augmenting. The zootechnical performance was equal to control group, but feed cost was optimized. 
Adjuvant of Methionine in laying hens - Image 1
Successful result: not only there was no negative effect on performance but improved egg weight and % or laying. The objective of the trials was obtained: replace partially Methionine-OH maintaining the same performance. In this case, egg weight and laying rate was enhanced, even if it was not the initial objective. 
  • 2 trials with lots of 7.000 hens ISA Brown each.
  • Control lot: 2.57 kg MHA powder.
  • Treatment lot: 1.4 kg MHA + 1 kg METHPLUS®.
  • Duration: 21 days.
Methplus - Image 3
Methplus - Image 4
Methplus - Image 5
Study of effectiveness of the product METHPLUS® in laying hens
School of Agricultural, Food and Biosystems Engineering, Technical University of Madrid, UPM (Spain).
Aim of the trial: “Assessment of the effect on production and egg quality of different levels inclusion of product METHPLUS® in diets of laying hens”
  • Breed: Lohmann Brown-Classic. 
  • Hen Age: 59-63 weeds. 
  • Trial duration: 5 weeks. 
  • Type of cages: enriched cages (according to European Normative for the animal welfare: Directive 1999/74/CE). 
  • Methplus - Image 6
METHPLUS® product is shown as a partial replacement of methionine hydroxy analogue in laying hen diets, achieving a substitution of 1,2 Kg of methionine hydroxy analogue per 1 Kg of METHPLUS® without any impact on the performance. 
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Ewa Sujka
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Carlos López Tomé, David Revilla
Frank Ivey
Feed2Gain, LLC
1 de marzo de 2021
Seems one should conclude that the equivalence is equal to the value tested plus or minus the variation, as the results are as good as the test variation, which is usually pretty good, but worth stating.
Juarez Donzele
Universidade Federal de Viçosa - UFV
26 de febrero de 2021

Ewa Sujka, for the results, I think that the conclusion should include the bioequivalence between the products evaluated, which in this case corresponded to 0.83 (1.00 / 1.20). This is because with the conclusion presented, the idea that the product would be efficient only at the values of 1.20 MHA per 1.00 METHPLUs.

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