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Research on poultry nutrition. Aspects covered include: Feed biotechnology, enzymes, symbiotic products, phytobiotics , gut health issues, students project supervision, Probiotics, prebiotics, use of
Article published the September 15, 2020
Introduction The issue of gut health in relation to gut bacterial became more evident with the ban of antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) in animal/poultry nutrition. This ban became preeminent with the development of resistant bacteria strain getting into the food chain. This will ultimately result in bacteria related health issues for consumers of poultry product. In the poultry industry, gut he ...
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Wow, that is an excellent idea especially with the hands on training for participants
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Sure. you can inbox me at I was actually searching for a probable host for the TWAS post doc fellowship in Brazil. I have done some in - vitro work on salmonella and one in - vivo research work on salmonella. but knowledge, as they say, is new every day, so I am open minded enough and willing to learn.
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The ongoing transfer of science and technology is a defining feature of the efficiency and success of commercial poultry production. Meeting the nutritional, environmental, and health needs of every bird is key to realizing genetic potential and providing for well-being. To monitor and quickly identify developing problems, basic knowledge and skills in pathology are learned by almost everyone invo ...
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Excellent work. Please I think I need some guidance regarding an histopathology work I did using broiler birds. It was on the ileum. My email is Thank you ??
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Just reacting to the original question (do phytases always work in poultry nutrition). Clearly this depends on how you define 'work' i.e. what the expectations you have of the phytase. It would be possible, for example, to manufacture a situation where the efficacy of the added phytase looked very poor e.g. if the diet to which you add the phytase has a high concentration of digestible phosphorus ...
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Steffen Hansen is very correct. If you follow the instructions in his comment you will get exactly the results he mentioned. Thank you ?? Steffen
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Thank you Hyun. But this years event is late for me. It takes 3 months to access travel grant from my employer. Please inbox me early enough for the next up coming event. My email is Hopefully I should plan to be at the 3rd conference. Thank you and remain blessed
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Mr Ayyanga, if I understand what you are saying well enough. Antibiotics use has effect on the innate immune system. Its just that the effect is not so obvious compared to the absence of antibiotics use. In addition results from a work I did which will soon be published indicated that antibiotics use will eradicate useful bacteria. Molecular identification of the bacteria species showed a varied r ...
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