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Ruth Tariebi Seimiekumo Ofongo
Research on poultry nutrition. Aspects covered include: Feed biotechnology, enzymes, symbiotic products, phytobiotics , gut health issues, students project supervision, Probiotics, prebiotics, use of
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I. INTRODUCTIONOver the last few decades, laying hen performance potential has largely been improved by genetic selection: egg production increased from 11.8 to 21.0 kg eggs per hen housed, FCR reduced from 3.29 to 1.96, mortality from 19.1 to 5.6% and body weight from 2.42 to 2.20 kg between 1970 and 2000 (Jeroch, 2011). Production cycles of 100 weeks without moulting will become commercially fea ...
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Exposure to environmental factors and length of storage also play a role.
Article published the April 13, 2021
INTRODUCTIONSupplementing poultry feed with specific enzymes improves the nutritional value of feed ingredients by increasing the efficiency of digestion and nutrient uptake. These enzymes help to increase the availability of nutrients particularly starch, protein, amino acids and minerals such as phosphorus and calcium from feed ingredients. Variability in the nutrient content of maize has been d ...
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Excellent discussion. I just wanted to mention that today there are massive sequencing technologies to study the entire intestinal flora at a certain time and without the need for cultures. This will allow us to understand the microbiological responses to the action of food and additives.
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That is a good thinking as we have to study the chicken gut bacteria when we use pro and prebiotics as well as the marine algae is it gives exllant results in one of my experiments.
Article published the September 15, 2020
Introduction The issue of gut health in relation to gut bacterial became more evident with the ban of antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) in animal/poultry nutrition. This ban became preeminent with the development of resistant bacteria strain getting into the food chain. This will ultimately result in bacteria related health issues for consumers of poultry product. In the poultry industry, gut he ...
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Wow, that is an excellent idea especially with the hands on training for participants
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Sure. you can inbox me at I was actually searching for a probable host for the TWAS post doc fellowship in Brazil. I have done some in - vitro work on salmonella and one in - vivo research work on salmonella. but knowledge, as they say, is new every day, so I am open minded enough and willing to learn.
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The ongoing transfer of science and technology is a defining feature of the efficiency and success of commercial poultry production. Meeting the nutritional, environmental, and health needs of every bird is key to realizing genetic potential and providing for well-being. To monitor and quickly identify developing problems, basic knowledge and skills in pathology are learned by almost everyone invo ...
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