Article published the January 7, 2020
Introduction The high cost of inorganic phosphate has influenced the direction of research and the industry to discover alternative sources of phosphorus (P) or improve the availability of P, for broilers. The phytase enzyme has been highlighted in the nutrition of non-ruminants as a tool to reduce the dietary inclusion of inorganic P and to decrease nutrient excretion through the excreta (WALDRO ...
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Article published the May 10, 2018
INTRODUCTION Temperature is the most important environmental factor in animal production and directly affects animal responses. Domestic birds are homeotherm animals and therefore must expend energy to maintain body temperature, in order to have adequate biochemical, physiological and behavioral responses (Al-Saffar, 2002). At high temperatures, the feather coverage is one of the factors that im ...
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Article published the April 26, 2018
Introduction Broiler diets are commonly supplemented with dry DL-methionine (DL-Met; 99% active substance), liquid methionine hydroxy analogue-free acid (MHA-FA, 88% active substance) or dry methionine hydroxy analogue-calcium salt (MHA-Ca, 84% active substance). Several broiler trials have demonstrated that the relative bioavailability (RBA) of Met hydroxy analogue products (MHA-FA or MHA-C ...
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