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#Enzymes in poultry nutrition
Article published the October 3, 2023
IntroductionThe concept of maintenance has been defined as the state of balance between the intake of nutrients and their inevitable losses (Siqueira et al., 2011; Silva et al., 2014; Soares et al., 2019). That contributes to an understanding of the differences in responses between individuals of a population and enhances the requirements concept. Different methodologies have been developed to est ...
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Article published the December 22, 2022
1 INTRODUCTIONDuring the last decades, the productivity of laying hens has improved significantly, with higher number of eggs produced over the laying cycle and higher efficiency to utilize feed nutrients. This increase in productivity implies in a change in the requirements, and consequently, these hens become more demanding in nutrients, mainly amino acids (Elliot, 2008). Optimization of protein ...
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News published on October 14, 2022
The second edition of the Adisseo Research Grant awarded three winners. The jury was impressed by the quality and relevance of all three winning projects, that can split a whopping 1 million Euro for the coming 3 years. The award ceremony took place last month at the World’s Poultry Congress in Paris, France. Apart from a positive impact on sustainability, the proposed research projects for ...
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Article published the July 1, 2022
INTRODUCTIONCorn and soybean meal are ingredients that have a good digestibility, however depending on the storage, crop and variety, these ingredients may have a change in their nutritional quality. For broilers, these ingredients constitute around 70 and 30% of the diet, respectively. Thus, any small improvement in their quality significantly influences the performance of the broiler chickens an ...
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Article published the April 6, 2022
IntroductionOver the years, nutritionists have studied several ways to determine the ideal dietary supply of essential amino acids to optimize poultry performance. However, considering only performance objectives without taking into account economic factors may not reflect maximum profitability, since optimizing performance is not always viable (Pack et al., 2003). An economic approach to determin ...
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News published on March 10, 2022
Adisseo is committed to have a long-term implication in research and is fully involved to find sustainable and meaningful innovations in animal nutrition field. Thus, Adisseo decided to support research by launching a yearly Research Grant. The objective is to offer up to 1M€ to collaborative projects addressing key feed industry challenges. The proposed research projects should be innova ...
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News published on June 4, 2021
This grant will offer €1 M for the next three years to fund research projects tackling some of the main feed industry challenges and encouraging international labs to collaborate. Adisseo is pursuing a policy of continuous research and innovation in its expertise fields to meet feed industry needs. For a decade, the Rhodimet® Research Grant from Adisseo focused on “Sulphur amino ...
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Article published the January 7, 2020
IntroductionThe high cost of inorganic phosphate has influenced the direction of research and the industry to discover alternative sources of phosphorus (P) or improve the availability of P, for broilers. The phytase enzyme has been highlighted in the nutrition of non-ruminants as a tool to reduce the dietary inclusion of inorganic P and to decrease nutrient excretion through the excreta (WALDROUP ...
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Article published the May 10, 2018
INTRODUCTION Temperature is the most important environmental factor in animal production and directly affects animal responses. Domestic birds are homeotherm animals and therefore must expend energy to maintain body temperature, in order to have adequate biochemical, physiological and behavioral responses (Al-Saffar, 2002). At high temperatures, the feather coverage is one of the factors that impa ...
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