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PhD in Tropical Animal Production
Consultation in issues related to poultry nutrition, management, husbandry practices and feed tecknologies and development , implementation of research and dev. program, project and policy issues.
PhD in Tropical Animal Production
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Edgar Oviedo (NC State University) explained the findings in this research and future studies on the subject, during IPPE 2019 in Atlanta, USA.
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This is a good study. However, it was good to understand the proportion of tannin in sorghum used in the present study. The effect of adding serine protease in sorghum-based diets on live performance of broilers will depend very much on the tannin content in sorghum. It anticipated that there is an interaction between levels of sorghum inclusion and tannin content in sorghum.
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Adequate management of poultry improves healthy because for example proper husbandry practices such as cleaning and sanitation of feeders, drinkers, houses and surroundings could minimizes disease causing micro-organisms such bacteria, viruses and protozoa which impairs healthy of birds. Moreover, bio-security measures and proper housing could minimize spread of infections and harmful gases or s ...
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Dear farmer. We recommend feeding egg strain bird without restriction from day old chicks up to laying and while laying. Birds usually eat to meat their energy requirement. Energy requirements depend on metabolic body weight, physiological status, weather condition, laying rate and egg weight. Therefore the most important observation is to balance energy/ protein ratio. Thus, scientifically, its n ...
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Uneven growth of growth can be associated with several factors. But, management and nutrition are considered to be the major factors. Managerial factors are uneven temperature, light and humidity in the brooder, inadequate feeders and drinkers and restricted feeding. In this situation some birds unable to get optimum temperate, light and humidity and feeds. Thus, separation of small and big one ...
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Lameness in broiler chickens is becoming a common problem mostly associated with genetic selection for rapid growth, management and infection. Bone and Joint infection as well skeletal abnormalities as linked with fast in growth during the first weeks of life. Rapid weight gain causes excessive torque and shear forces at the articular surface of the femur, tibia and the free thoracic vertebra in ...
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Dear Farmer. Prolapse is mainly associated with management of laying hens during rearing and laying period which lead to the following conditions 1. Over or underweight Birds ? Overweight birds are more prone to prolapse due to general muscle weakness and a tendency to lay larger eggs. Too much fat around the reproductive organs can also lead to prolapse. ? Birds that are underweight (according ...
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