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Thank you very much for the report and management of mycotoxin. Actually, mycotoxin is a very critical issue in the livestock production particularly poultry production. Most of the feed ingredients used in compounding poultry feeds such as maize, sorghum and sunflower seed meal are prone to mycotoxin. These are toxic substances produced by different types fungi and have different effects dependin ...
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Thank you for an excellent work and reporting. The best preventive strategy against mycotoxin in feed is the best selection of grains and raw material, compromising on sub-standard grains a little bit with cheaper prices that will cost you more in terms of bird performance. Even low or mild levels of mycotoxins in feed do not show the deleterious signs and symptoms but still there is something wro ...
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That's very true but I must add that even if you use the best grain, the problem starts when the feed is produced, taken to farms and kept in bad storage conditions where the conditions are very conducive to form molds and gradually gets severe. So in my humble opinion, prevention is better than cure and toxin binder must be used if not to eradicate completely but at least to prevent it to a grea ...
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Very nice article, it give much awareness and great benefits to the stakeholders in this industry - keep it up!
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