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Consultant in Poultry management and training
Consultant in Poultry management and Training
Consultant in Poultry management and training
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All the causes mentioned- especially those related to nutrition- by our panelists are very much pertinent and need to be systematically gone through whenever there are problems related to wet litter. One obvious connected issue is GUT HEALTH which is often overlooked and can decide the consistency of droppings.. Post mortem lesions that are indicative of bacterial or fungal infections shoul ...
Article published the March 29, 2016
The summer of 2016 has arrived rather abruptly and with full fury, finding many poultry farmers as well as chicken totally unprepared to face the onslaught. During my conversation with people, I noticed that many are not aware of how exactly summer heat damages and kills birds. I also come across well meant summer management measures that are often either inadequate or counter-  productive. & ...
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Participation in Forum on December 23, 2014
By the time you read this, you will have received many more sets of advices. Please don't get confused. Stay focussed on facts and first get the answers to these questions clearly in your mind and also let those who can help you also have them before they can wisely comment on your flock. Let me also tell you that trying to find out the reasons for the unevenness will only be one part of the sol ...
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Prolapse could be triggered by various factors which some of our learned panelists have so clearly indicated.I would only add to these by pointing out a few more. One of them is Vent Gleet or infection of the cloaca which can develop into Prolapse- this happens in isolated cases and not in the form of a flock problem as is the case here. What I have seen being more critical is that certain good br ...
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Lovely article. The critical points have been put down in very simple and clear language. I have found that most flock managers wrongly think that the higher the R.H, cooler the temperature in the shed. I also find that many people use the fogging system inside the sheds without running fans, not realizing, as the authors here have implied, that this is the best way to raise the R.H. levels and i ...
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This is my answer to Dr. Anjum's question about double yolk eggs in the early stages of lay. First of all this happens both in the layer as well as the broiler strains, but the incidence in Broiler strains which genetecially have higher body weights is higher. As to the reasons, there are two factors which I am aware of and have actually seen happening: 1. Some of the individuals in a flock which ...
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Surely, there are any number of vitamins, minerals, probiotics and other formulations listed here and elsewhere that can help in relieving heat stress in chicken. More suggestions, especially those based on technical expertise as well as experience will definitely be welcome and helpful. While I agree that these are of immense help, people should not be led away by the false belief that these alon ...
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There are plenty of people who advocate as well as use electrolytes but are not aware as to how they work. This is one of the very few articles which goes to say almost everything on electrolytes in very simple terms that could be understood by the layman. The article is timely, very informative and comprehensive except for a few suggestions and comments which have come from some knowledgeable peo ...
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Thank you, Dr.Puneet. You have in very simple and few words highlighted these basic and yet, forgotten facts of heat stress in poultry. Very often we are tempted to go in for formulations that carry appealing names suggesting that the use of these will work like magic by removing heat stress.
Article published the March 11, 2013
So much has been written and discussed about Stress and yet this familiar and little understood hazard remains as one of the greatest challenges to modern day poultry management. Yes, stress has come to stay as a silent threat to the well-being and performance of chicken. I call it silent because when birds are under stress, they seldom display dramatic signs and therefore, both the ...
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