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Hello Professor Kim, it is a pleasure to participate in a debate forum that has your participation. Congratulations on your studies, which have contributed significantly to the development of pig nutrition. I want 2020 to be a year of personal and professional achievements. With my admiration, hugs
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Organic acids play a major role in today's poultry feeds.
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Highlights from the conversation with Johan Van Erum, Derek Detzler, Maria Elena Rubio and Horacio Gamero, who joined Elizabeth Santin for this roundtable, during the 1st PoultryUniverse Coccidiosis Congress in Curitiba, Brazil.
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Hello, Control of insect vectors is another critical step in reducing the risk of Salmonella Enteritidis on poultry farms. Salmonella Enteritidis has been isolated from flies in contaminated laying hen houses [29, 30]. External surfaces of house flies (Musca domestica) residing in a Salmonella Enteritidis-positive environment can rapidly become contaminated, and Salmonella Enteritidis ...
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Hi, An experiment was conducted with broiler female chicks (720) to study the effects of graded concentrations (7·5, 15, 22·5 or 30 µg/kg) of cholecalciferol (CC) in diets containing varying levels of calcium (Ca) and non-phytate phosphorus (NPP) at a 2:1 ratio (4:2, 5:2·5, 6:3 or 7:3·5 g/kg, respectively), on the performance (2–35 d of age), bone mineralisation and mineral (Ca, P, Mn, ...
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