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Organic,Omega3 Enriched poultry Production for eggs and meat. Antibiotic/Pesticide free products. Use of Biotechnology and Molecular biology for better solution for Global Animal Protein Production.
independant poultry consultant
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Jean-Pierre Vaillancourt (University of Montreal) talked about biosecurity and the risk factors associated with infectious diseases, during the Latin American Poultry Congress in Lima, Peru.
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The World Veterinary Education in Production Animal Health (WVEPAH), a non profit organization, with partners like the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), the University of Luxemburg and local Veterinary faculties has been giving high level training for 150 practicing poultry veterinarians from 22 countries during the last four years It took place in six countries (Veterinary faculties) se ...
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An excellent paper which may find nice application in future poultry food safety and security. As a scientist interested in avian embryo culture as a means of conservation,this research article will be of immense use in our efforts.
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The World Veterinary Education in Production Animal Health (WVEPAH) is a non-profit organization, which, with the support of OIE, offers to experts in veterinary poultry production the possibility to complete and officially certify their previously acquired skills. In the world of high-level experts, they specialize in various fields such as practitioners, employees of pharmaceutical firms, the f ...
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Testing all the stock for ALC USING ELISA KITS is the first step. If you have not introduced Mareks vaccine, it is to be done. If the number of game birds bred is in significant number, synchronise egg setting and hatching of baby chicks to reduce age differences . The chick brooding area needs better isolation and Biosecurity to avoid frequent people movement from older to younger birds. If you h ...
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Differentiation between protective and infective titres depend on many factors other than the ELISA Technique alone. But as Dr Kulkarni has mentioned, a baseline DATABASE ( farm/ stock/ age/ nutrition/ season etc etc) factors need to be created over time which can serve as guidelines. The decision as to whether the vaccination has induced adequate protective immunity titre is an art rather than a ...
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Please check immediately for Avian Influenza status. AI complicated by severe ND can result in high mortality with initial ulcers and later erosions in posterior portions of gizzard. I do not find this in any published literature but have experienced in some field farm conditions. The role of mycotoxins in feed might be a cause but the mortality will not be so high in broiler flocks but morbidity ...
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