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What is gadoderma lucidum? And its mode action in chickens' body?
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INTRODUCTION The continuous tendency to reduce the use of antibiotic growth promoters (AGP) in poultry production, due to social concern about generation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, has resulted in the crucial necessity to find economically viable alternatives that can maintain optimal health and performance parameters under commercial conditions (1, 2). One possible substitute for AGP that ...
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Now we are studying on two separate experiments with capsulated butyric acid (Sodium butyrate) in older laying hens and layer chicks (from 0 to 30 weeks).
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Very informative article. But . What are the different uses in poultry between : 1-the butyric acid and salts of butyric as sodium butyrate? 2-The capsulated butyric acid and non capsulated ?
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Thank you Christopher
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Christopher Hettiarachchi Sri Lanka Well written article and results have been presented in an striking manner, particularly Fig. 2. PDCB can be a good alternative to water administered organic acids. Dr. Yakout, thank you for the informative article.
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Thank you ... for the long list of actions and effects of sodium butyrate (and not butyric acid which will not have the effectiveness of sodium Butyrate, acid will be unable to arrive in the intestin, the site of action) ... It would be honest also to add that only the form Butyrate Not dissociated arrival in the intestine will be able to this long generic results ... It is all too easy to take ad ...
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There are so many herbals and plants which can counter Antibiotics. Only the thing is they are to be made public and informative.There is separate Aurveda in India in which you can find the data. Our forefathers kept all the information for universal usage without any commercial benefit.
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This is informative. More work should be done on this to reduce the risk of antibiotic resistance in our livestock.
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As AGPs replacement. It is very good to have actiscles with full information like theirs to have a full understanding about agps'replacement. Which one should be the best choice for agps replacements?
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