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I would like to see the entire presentation. Thank you.W. Craig
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One common mistake is to refer to the fact that an enzyme, when added on top of others, will still show benefit (performance, digestibility, etc.) as synergy. Synergy is a special situation that is best represented by the equation 1 + 1 = 3. In other words, when you add the second enzyme you would get more than the sum of their individual effects. In most cases, as in the discussion above on prote ...
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What is the specific mechanism in alleviating heat stress? How does this yeast extract work?
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The investigations in this matter of aerly feeding, done by Uni, Z. and others, have had practical application and responses, on early growth, flock uniformity, better inmunological responses and lower mortality rates, during the first week of life and from there on. Las investigaciones sobre este tema de alimentacion temprana, realizados por Uni, Z. y otros, han tenido respuestas sobre el creci ...
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Introduction Given the fact that the poultry industry has been a main contributor to the U.S. food supply over the past two decades, with an increase from $44.4 billion in value of production in 2013 to $48.3 billion in 2014, the necessity of capitalizing on the production of poultry is evident (1, 2). With the increasing trend to systematically remove sub-therapeutic levels of antibiotics from p ...
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DON has always been considered (up to now) a low hazard mycotoxin for poultry. This paper is of high value so as to be aware of the effect on enterocyte integrity and Clostridia infection as NE in broilers.Its consideration has an extra value when antibiotics are withdrawn from broiler rations; such is the case in many countries at present and will be in the near future in many others.
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Gregory Komnik, Sales Director of Insta-Pro International for SE Asia, introduces some processing technologies for food and feed during VIV Asia 2017, in Bangkok, Thailand.
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Reduction of quantity and strategic planning of antibiotic application is a vital issue for the modern industrial farming with the contradictive situation: economical efficacy on one hand, ensuring enough assets for further development and meeting the high food safety standards on the other, insuring quality and safe products for human consumption. To some extend the situation in animal productio ...
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Vitfoss/Vilofoss is now ready to roll out a new, digital product catalogue. The product catalogue provides each farmer with rapid access to the entire product range from his/her mobile phone, tablet and computer. Vitfoss/Vilofoss just launched its new and improved e-product catalogue with a broad range of Vitfoss/Vilofoss products. The products are within Vilofoss’ pri ...
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Latin American Scientific Conference In October, 2016, the Poultry Science Association successfully held its first-ever Latin American Scientific Conference in Campinas, SP, Brazil. One of the highlights of this conference was the symposium Update on Calcium and Phosphorus Digestibility in Poultry: Different Approaches and Implications. Video recordings of the following presentations from that ...
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