Specialized in Veterinary Medicine
Technical poultry farm consultancy services. On site necropsy/diagnosis, development of vaccination programs,establishing biosecurity and disease prevention programs at poultry farms and integrators.
Specialized in Veterinary Medicine
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Dear Bouayad , First thank you for your comments . Yes we were worried if the vaccine still working against different H9N2 isolation specially when we have seen mortality in vaccinated flocks , I have done a a study for 3 isolation from different countries and we have found out that they are not much different from vaccines strain, what we have found that other diseases were playing a role in th ...
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This is an Interesting article opening up avenues for further research on chicken gut health improvement, disease prevention, immune enhancement and also for consumer safety possible applications with Ovo Technique.
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The information is based on field observations. It is not even a case control study. However, it is useful. The injudicious or extensive use of live variant serotypes in poultry production may be of concern. We know these will protect birds but we do not know whether these can play role in giving rise to more variant serotypes? Is 4/91 alone or in combination with standard serotypes, available ...
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In my opinion following could be the line of action for possible disease protection in above case: 1- Prepare the house well i.e clean, disinfect, eliminate farm pests including rats and mice and try to make it a bug free environment for the baby chicks. 2- Start with the chicks from Salmonella free parents, well hatched in salmonella free hatcheries--all tests are possible. 3- Feed, water and ...
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Such incidences may occur due to non REO vaccinated parent flock chickens , Staph., MS infections or due to certain deficiencies and sometimes mycotoxins also play a role. However, they should respond to indicated antibiotics and highly bio-available Calcium and other nutrient source, if it is not due to REO. You may need to recheck all the above to find out the cause and treatment as well.
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