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Participation in Forum on July 29, 2011
Hello Manish, We are talking of many varieties, variants of a particular component to be included in a ration for animals to achieve certain assured levels of health and economic benefits. So it is vital to have authentic declarations like the summarised specification chart in my previous forum and that is from a 3rd party globally recognised analytical lab and the recommended usage levels t ...
Participation in Forum on July 28, 2011
Around US$ 625 per metric ton CIF Karachi port, Pakistan. This is Totally Processed, Without out foul smell, wholly consumable. Product will be available with Quality & Nutritional Value confirmation certificate from a repute third party analytically lab Every time. Find once again complete details. Product : Gaur Korma Soya Meal Moisture 2.21 % 9-10% Crude Protein 56.88 % 46-48% Total En ...
Participation in Forum on July 28, 2011
well Kapil, guar korma is not a common feed ingredient to be used in cattle feed, can be an alternative at the choice of the farmers in par with his economical returns. above info i have extended is in comparison with soya meal. in general, guar korma is very rarely used by farmers in India for two good reasons.... a. Odur of the semi processed product, rejected by the animal. b. processed prod ...
Participation in Forum on July 27, 2011
SUMMARY ADVANTAGES OF Guar Korma: Higher percentage of Crude Protein (CP) 56.88 %. Higher Digestibility Index,due to elimination of anti nutritive factors. More desirable and balanced Amino acid Profile. Higher Energy content and FATS(oil) percentage.(Fat) in G Korma.7.08% in Soya Meal: 0.20% - 1.00% Total Energy : Guar Korma. - 4050 Kcal/Kg. Soya Meal: 3650 Kcal/Kg Metabolic Energy (ME) : Guar K ...
Participation in Forum on July 25, 2011
Hi, This is what we have introduced in India since 3 years. Basically flavanoids, alkaloids identified, isolated, extracted and blend to form a specific formula and we have couple of them for DAIRY, POULTRY, AQUA and the results are Superb. 'se, Liver function and GI micro flora are balanced enabling feed, fodder consumed to be totally metabolized resulting in Natural immunity, resistance, ex ...
Participation in Forum on May 14, 2011
True. Basically many / all Ayurved product range available in the market are dried powders of different part of a medicinal plant / plants. Our composition is a high tech research product viz: ACTIVE ENERGY MOLECULES isolated and extracted from specific parts of medicinal plants. Effect of energy molecules are faster, safer, surer and very cost effective. This is a new concept and tech ...
Participation in Forum on January 21, 2011
Dear Doctors, Sir, Even though I am not a qualified veterinarian, my dedicated service since 3 decades in the Indian poultry industry enabled 100s of interaction with able professionals like you and transfer of innovative and research idea implementations by feed millers, farmers has sharpened me to an extent of understanding certain technical norms as far as avian and bovine nutrition are ...
Participation in Forum on January 20, 2011
Hi there Engormix, Welcome to the ever growing country, India. Here the vision of all are focused on one point, over all development of the Industry utilising inputs available with update and future technology to ensure confirmed profitability at an affordable cost. Also we are poised to transfer the same around the globe. Engormix can blend this for all farming community around, help the ...
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