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The article does not reveal anything about the dosage of individual enzymes for Dairy cattle.Can you provide those details which will be more clear to elaborate to the forum.
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Great article...This will be useful to all professional AI technicians to train them in a better way..Great effort by author.
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I agree with the article of Mr. Khan... But at the same time using teat dip will spread disease from one quarter to other quarter, that the author must be knowing... Moreover, Iodine preparations are very weak in bactericidal effect and even those iodine can be MORE effective when it is used as spray not as dip. Disadvantages of using teat dip: Teat dip will lead to cross contamination ...
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Dear Sir, The article is excellent and each and every veterinarian must understand thoroughly about SPC and SCC and as for as possible they have to educate the dairy farmers' community. The critical factor to prevent mastitis in a heard is adopting hygenic milking practices. Various NGOs should make the farmers aware about SPC and SCC. Clean Milk Production is the critical factor for the countr ...
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Dear Dr, The detailed essay could have been given in table form for easy understanding. It irritates to read so much text and confusing. S. Murali Product manager
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Really useful articles about the postpartum cow.
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Dear Dr, Excellant article about Recent Trends in Mastitis Management. But still more updated information could have been given in this article. We would read more on sub-clinical and somatic cell counts in sub-clinical mastitis. S. Murali Product Manager
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