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Hi Everybody, It does not need to be overemphasized that to evolve control measures (cure/ prevention) of any ailment it is prerequisite to find out its basic cause. After knowing the root cause then various possible control measures could be attempted and the most suitable applied to get desirable results. Similarly we have attempted in mastitis affecting bovines and reached conclusively at the r ...
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Achieving high conception rate is one of the conditions for achieving efficient production of milk at farm level. For many years the Israeli dairy industry suffered, like other farms in warm areas, a significant decline in the ability to pregnant the cows during summer months, causing seasonality in milk production throughout the year, and hence, to a seasonality of milk supply to the industry and ...
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Distinguished Professor & L.E. "Red" Larson Professor of the University of Florida, Peter Hansen, was invited to the X International Symposium of Animal Reproduction to speak about Genetic, nutritional and pharmacological approaches to improve fertility during heat stress.
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IntroductionTesticular temperature of bulls must be 2 to 6° C cooler than body temperature to allow normal spermatogenesis and maturation of sperm. Exposure of bulls to increased ambient temperatures results in reduced semen quality (Casady et al., 1953; Skinner and Louw, 1966; Meyerhoeffer et al., 1985). Local heating of the scrotum of bulls for a few days causes a reduction in the number of ...
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Is there any herbal product for dry cow therapy? Those animals have very high somatic cell count at dry up should be treated and teat sealant should be applied. There is a need of development of herbal biodegradable sealant for normal as well as high somatic count animal in combination or alone. This is the way to reduce incidences in subclinical mastitis. We are not working on products or bedding ...
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Dear all, Can any one confirm which type of Oxytocin dairy farmers are using. Can you take photograph of the lebeling and type of ampuls used. Thank you
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Dr. Nebel has given a very good account of the system and its usage and requirement for large scale implementation. National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal India in collaboration with Indian Institute of Technology New Deli has developed accelerometer based Pedometer for dairy cattle and buffaloes for heat detection with very high accuracy and efficiency in heat detection in cattle and work is ...
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Sometime it is advised for PGF2alpha injection postpartum with benefit in uterine involution. What is the mechanism for early uterine involution?
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Dr. Sarzamin Khan Hair follicles as an indictor of pregnancy diagnosis in dairy animals.. Significant lead in this direction. Keep It alive for low cost diagnosis. Dr. T.K. Mohanty India
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Dear Colleagues, I am also very concern about the repeated use of Oxytocin for milk letdown in buffaloes and other animals regularly by periurban dairies having limited space for calves. So they disposed the calves at early age and start milking these animals with Oxytocin. This is unethical. Oxytocin is safe for animals as well milk is safe for human consumption. However, I have some ques ...
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