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Jasmer Singh For Downer cow use Nuxvomica and Bryonia alternately, For prolapse Opium, Carboveg and Ignatia are used
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Sheo Shankar Kumar It is not possible to guide you in this aspect. Homeopathy is an oven. Buy on line books published by B Jain Delhi. Pl searvh internet. Homeopathy for beginners by Iyer is one book to understand..the subject
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Hassan Khan With hard work the results are better and quicker is my experience i surrender my work to Almighty it is not my own. In the market there are few companies manufacture combinations and in many instances they have given good results in hmeo also
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Veeresh G. Navalgatti If you know Kannada call me. 9448052640 I am not able to understand your question
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Veeresh G. Navalgatti Acidosis is a man made cause. Either due to ignorence or due to feeding more quickly fermenting food such as finely powdered grain and less fiber feeding concentrate feed as slurry. If available three liters of ruminal fluid from a healthy cow from a slaughter house can be given. Homeo 1.Natrum carb 30, Mag carb 30 ten drops in 30 ml water once in 15 minutes till relief. 2 ...
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Tushar Kasodari Homeo Antimony crud 200, Podophyllum 200, Merc Sol 200 each 10 pills of 30 size three times a day. Minimum three days. We recommend fat free buttermilk and TCF company ORS. Optigut a lactobacillus product 50 grams twice a day we suggest.
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Dr.Jibachha Shah, Nuxvomica 3X or 30X 5 drops in 10ml water at 6am 10 am 2pm 6 pm and 10pm and Bryonia 3X or 30 X 5drops in 10ml water at 8am, 12noon, 4 pm, 8 pm and 12 be given orally.. Each drug FIVE times. First Nuxvomica to by given. Only one dose conium 200 is given. Long back one veterinarian had treated with 6ml.of vitamin B6 as low epidural injection
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Dr:Govind s bhat, The affected quarter will not produce milk in this lactation. If Fibrous tissue is removed provided small quantity of secretary tissue is there now in next lactation you can expect more more. The space occupied by fibrous tissue will be available for multiplication of secretary tissue under growth hormone during pregnancy. The homeo drugs used or removing fibrous tissue are Aurum ...
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Dr lalan Kumar Podoohyllum 200 Antimony crud 200 and Merc Sol 200 each 15 pills four times. A day orally three days. Also use oral rehydration fluid one pocket in a liter of water six liters From second day give buttermilk two liters at a time three times a. Day
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Sunil koli Use potassium permanganate solution for washing prolapsed mass. Feed less dry fodder or give small quantities six times in a day. Keep front legs lower by six inches from hind legs. Sleeping place only four feet wide. Homeo Opium 200, carboveg 200 Ignetia 200 each 10 pills 30 size 3 times daily orally
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