Rajeev Singh
M.V.Sc. in veterinary public health
A veterinarian ,having 15 years of experience in field of dairy development, milk procurement and therapeutics. Creator of YT channel https://youtube.com/c/AnubhutiDrRajeevSingh
M.V.Sc. in veterinary public health
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NDDB is running a Mastitis control popularization programme in which they tried trisodium citrate for controlling sub clinical mastitis and was able to succeed to certain level but they were not able to control the acute or chronic mastitis.We have a joint programme with them now very successfully managing mastitis and other 14 conditions without intervention of any other chemical drugs. We have f ...
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Control on ruminal acidosis and use of proper proportion of good roughage in feed are two important keys to get optimum fat level in milk.
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Feeding of mouldy feed sb stopped immediately. One good liver tonic sb prescribed for 15 days alongwith a broad spectrum antibiotic and one shot of ivermectin.
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February 26, 2014
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