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naveed akhtar In Allopathy Imedocarb is the drug used In Homeo as per Dr.Balakrishna Rao ( the below treatment is given 1. Crotalus horridus 200 When general disorganization after blood, hemorrhages and Jaundice, fever. Dose: One Dose once in 3 hours for 4 days 2. Ferrum phos 6x: When pyrexia and hemoglobinuria. Dose: 10 pills every 2 hours for 2-4 days 3. Merc cor 200: When ...
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Sunil koli Nuxvomica 3X or 30X 5 drops in 10 ml water at 6 am 10 am 2 pm 6 pm and 10 pm and Bryonia 3X or 30 X 5 drops in 10 ml water at 8 am, 12 noon, 4 pm, 8 pm and 12 be given orally.. Each drug FIVE times. First Nuxvomica to by given. Only one dose Conium 200 is given. Long back one veterinarian had treated with 6 ml.of vitamin B6 as low epidural injection
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Will If milked if the milk is watery or has white or yellow clots it is a case of mastitis. If the milk is normal it can be a case of udder edema which is physiological.. When the udder is pressed with a finger it pits on pressure. Milk will be normal. In mastitis such pitting on pressure will be absent. Stop feeding salt. These animals improve with more protein in their diet. It is felt due to ...
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Uoday Pathak, To detect sub clinical mastitis 12 grams of Surf excel powder is mixed into 300 ml of boiled and cooled water. Can be preserved for 90 days if kept in a dark place. Mix 2 ml of this with 2 ml of milk from each teat separately in a paddle. After 10 seconds if fine granules to clots appear in the bottom of the paddle it is concluded as sub clinical mastitis. Depending on the symptom ...
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Uoday Pathak, I have not used my laptop for last two days. your cow needs rectal examination by a veterinina\ary graduate to rule out uterine infection as well sub-clinical mastitis. For uterine infection (metritis) we use drugs like Metricef or 3 to 5 days intra uterine. Other injections of antibiotics, antihistamines, liver stimulants, Vitamin A and E. Soon after calving in metritis I suggest ...
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Dr. Rohini, It is a combination of each drug is mixed in equal amounts
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Heat stress affects dairy cow production and performance. To dial down heat stress, mechanical cooling remains a mainstay. Nutrition is of increasing importance. Research results show how methionine mitigates heat stress.
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Dr lalan Kumar We recommend deworming and feeding good quality mineral mixture fer 4 to 6 weeks.After that give Sepia 30,, Aurum iodum 30, Thyroidinum 30,, Pusatilla 30. each 10 pills two to three times for 3 days. Can be repeated for 2 more times. Discontinue after the animal comes in to heat. If not responded Veterinary graduate should examine the animal per rectally For cows deworm, feed minera ...
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Veeresh G. NavalgattiCow or buffalo which has dirty discharge from genitalia for more than three days is considered as Metritis (Inflammation of uterus). The cause for this can be Retention of placenta, abortion, eversion of uterus, prolonged dystokia as well poor involution of uterus after calving or abortion poor hygiene followed by Artificial insemination worker etc.Modern method of treating is ...
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Prakash Chikkanna I am sorry as I had not looked into my mails yesterday Ephimeral fever / 3 days sickness / shifting lameness: Aconite 200, Conium 30, Rhus tox 30 and Merck sol 30 each 1 ml have to be mixed and ½ ml to be given in 5 ml water orally 4 times in a day. Ehno Veterinary Practice: One inch tuber of Gloriossa superba (superb lily) is triturated in goat’s milk and drenched o ...
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