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Hi Lorenzo Quesnel ,STEPS FOR BALANCING AMINO ACIDS LYSINE AND METHIONINE IN DIET:1. Calculate metabolizable protein requirement for cow.2. After Metabolizable protein calculation actual lysine and methionine requirement are calculated as per NRC recommendations.3. Lysine requirement -7.2% of MP (Metabolizable protein calculated)4. Methionine requirement-2.4% of MP (Metabolizable protein calc ...
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Hi Jagdish Singh,Balancing of amino acid is very much important in cow's diet to reduce feed cost and production cost for highly yielding animal. It becomes important for country like India, where good source for protein supplements are not available.Whatever cow eat it breakdown in rumen and rumen bacteria grow and produce microbial protein with the help of degradable protein and fermentable ener ...
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we are using avg. 8 % guar korma in our feed regularly and some time we use 9.5 %, but till today we didnot get any complaint from field. Dear ramesh inclusion of guar korma is also depands on other materials, if you are using any low palatable material, so you will have to reduce it. can you tell me do you use molasses and what is percantages. If you are not using guar korma just because of its p ...
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It is good to feed Guar Kurma to cattle. It is a common feed ingradiente used by indian dairy farmer. In india it is used about 10% -15%.
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