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Dr Chandrakant Patil
Animal Nutrition Consultant
Feed formulations as per stage of growth, lactation and pregnancy for dairy animals Clinical nutrition to reduce/ avoid metabolic disorders Farm management, fodder conservation and farm economics
Animal Nutrition Consultant
Participation in Forum on July 19, 2011
You may try Ringer lactate i/v but it does not increase the rumen dilution. If the concentrate feeding with grains is there, best is to use either live yeast that considerably scavanges the oxygen in the rumen making the rumen environment more to anaerobic. That leads to maintain acetate: propionate ratio. Alternate ius to use yeast metabolites (Diamond V XP) @ 50g/animal/day, that increases the p ...
Participation in Forum on July 8, 2011
To prepare a TMR for beef calves, the TMR should have 17% CP, oil- 4%, Crude fibre 13%, ME-13.2 MJ/kg DM, Mag-0.4%, Ca-1.2%, P-0.6%, Zn-700 mg, Mn-165 mg, I-60 mg, Co-60 mg, Se-6 mg, Vit. A- 60000 IU/kg, Vit. D3-12000 IU/kg, E- 100 IU/kg, B1-50 mg/kg and B12-125 mg/kg Please do not forget to add yeast metabolite Diamond V XP for further rumen development and Yucca schidigera extract. Dr C N ...
Participation in Forum on March 30, 2011
Very good and informative article about milk production. In today's scenario of feeding standards, there is a huge margin for development. I think, Dr. Kunju John should take a forward step towards this. Also, it is imperative to find some new feed technology to sustain the milk production both in quality as well quality.
Participation in Forum on March 5, 2011
Must complement article. But, more emphasis is given on factors of diarrhoea other than nutritional origin. In todays scenario, definitely diarrhoea is of bacterial or viral origin becuase of hygiene problem, but in most of the organized dairy farms it is due to abnormal ratio of grain: forage. It wil be nice if implications of natural products are applied to nutritional orifindiarrhoea are applie ...
Participation in Forum on March 4, 2011
This is a very studied and informative article. Every dairy farmers should go with yeast culture that to yeast metabolite to optimize the feed utilization by the dairy cows for optimum production levels. Yeast metabolites do help in reducing pH so that fibre digesting bacteria like megasphera and Selenomonas keep upper hand in rumen thereby suppressing protozoal count. In turn, maximum feed is dig ...
Participation in Forum on November 14, 2010
It is indeed a nice step to have an office in a country like india, expanding in each sector of animal husbandry. An office and a correspondent like Mr. Dinesh Kumar Arora will give a boost to Engormix as well the farming, scientist and academic faculties also.
Participation in Forum on September 4, 2010
Dear Sir, The problem encountered of nasal discharge, profuse salivation but with normal temperature. It is also been mentioned that the feeding regime includes soda also. How much soda do you feed per animal per day? What the silage is made of? Have you checked the status of silage and dry grass for any development of fungus and thereby mycotoxins present thereof? Please remember the digestive ph ...
Participation in Forum on August 7, 2010
Naturally, methionine is acidic in nature. You are adding hot water to methionine in the mixer. But, practically speaking, have you ever checked the DCAD of water that you are adding? If the water has high levels of salts it may neutralize the things with methionine and whole practice would be futile. As well in our experience and knowledge, methionine is added to poultry rations @ 1-2 kg/MT depen ...
Participation in Forum on February 15, 2010
Garbage feeding to pigs lead to death of piglets as well adult pigs due to various reasons. garbage that includes unused and unsold vegetables from market place as well kitchen waste from the hotels form the leachate. The seepage from this leachate is very irritant because of the metals present in it as well high sodium content in hotel kitchen waste. That leads the pigs itching and in turn the pi ...
Participation in Forum on February 13, 2010
Feeding the dairy cow in transition period (30 days prepartum) is a challenging and useful for postpartum period. Since the cow has to pass through various critical phases of labor pains during parturition, uterine involution, colostrum production for early nutrition of the calf, producing whole milk for the calf as well the owner, to come in heat (21 days) later parturition needs solid nutritiona ...
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