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Total Mixed Ration for beef fattening

Forum: Total Mixed Ration

Published: July 6, 2011
By: Dr Usama Tayyab

I want to prepare TMR for beef fattening purpose. What specifications of Crude Protein %, ME, EE, CF, ADF, NDF, should be present in TMR?

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Dr Usama Tayyab
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S.m. Ekramul Huque
7 de julio de 2011
All The above specification must be dependable on the price of avail able Raw materials , price of beef meat , and management cost in respective region to make the TMR effective for the farmers profitability.
Dr Usama Tayyab
7 de julio de 2011
Price of beef for live weight basis is 150/kg.
Dr Chandrakant Patil
Origin Vet Nutrition Marketing Private Limited
8 de julio de 2011
To prepare a TMR for beef calves, the TMR should have 17% CP, oil- 4%, Crude fibre 13%, ME-13.2 MJ/kg DM, Mag-0.4%, Ca-1.2%, P-0.6%, Zn-700 mg, Mn-165 mg, I-60 mg, Co-60 mg, Se-6 mg, Vit. A- 60000 IU/kg, Vit. D3-12000 IU/kg, E- 100 IU/kg, B1-50 mg/kg and B12-125 mg/kg Please do not forget to add yeast metabolite Diamond V XP for further rumen development and Yucca schidigera extract. Dr C N Patil
Dr. Malik Muhammad Ali
Maxim International (Pvt) Ltd.
15 de julio de 2011
Dear Usama, To make it more economical, I will suggest you rather to achieve 17% C.P in TMR in Pakistan the cost of per KG TMR will go up to Rs.29 and your ration will also need high quality roughage. So Ican suggest you to make it up to 15% CP. as Beef animal can eat 10% more ADF as compared to Dairy ration so you can can more wheat straw to make it more economical for your farm. Do add any IONOPHORE that will increase feed efficiency and result in more weight gains. DO select good breeds and age.
Dr Saeed Ahmad
16 de febrero de 2013

Aslam o Alaikum to All,
I want to start a fattening farm, I have purchased cholastani calves having average weight 100 kg, I want to do fattening for three months , which of the following economical method should be adopted for feeding?
T.M.R.....how much cost per kg it should be and which ingredients?
silage + concentrate, concentrate cp....? and ratio?

Sili Mpona Mokwena
16 de julio de 2016
Can you add cactus pear in your TMR? ?
Rilwanu Ibrahim Yeldu
13 de agosto de 2018
Salamu alaikum, I'm new here, I want to know how to formulate a high grade cow fattening concentrate
26 de agosto de 2019
Please indicate today’s ingredients for TMR and also explain the kinno waste importance for fattening?
26 de noviembre de 2020

Hi, I need a TMR for dairy cattle with the following ingredients... maize Stover's, maize grain, sunflower mineral licks.

Dr. ShahZaib
26 de julio de 2021
What should be the TDN in TMR for fattening bulls?
Tarig Mohammed Abdallah Bakhiet
29 de diciembre de 2021
we are in rain-fed agriculture and I want a TM R based on crop residues ( sorghum and millet straws groundnut residues , groundnut cakes ,cotton seed cake ) say I want to formulate 100 kgs from these stuffs , please indicate in percentage
Tarig Mohammed Abdallah Bakhiet
29 de diciembre de 2021
This TMR is needed for fattening bulls (10-12) months for period 90-120 days
Engr Talib Hussain
9 de noviembre de 2022
AOA, I'm new here, I want to know how to TMR formulate for cow fattening in Pakistan
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