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Dear All, What I felt after studying this whole article and discussion is that the author just wants to get his name in Paper and website. I hope he would have visited one farm and have created a firing story. All professionals have different indication to Problems. This author have used a sensitive topic for Yellow Journalism. So I won't comment on this topic all of you guys with your precious k ...
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Yes Safdar Javed there is. 1. More digestibility of fiber fractions. 2. Readily digestible carbohydrate (starch). 3. Intestinal Protein increases. 4. No fodder shortage in fodder less season, 5, uniform quality of fodder/silage available whole over the year in routine every day profile of standing crop changes..
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Cut corn stover in green stage and try to get a chop of 3/8 inch. add molasses and urea based on your total NPN in ration. this give good feed for dry cows and heifers and can also be used in dairy cattle ration up to 5-12 Kg.
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Dear Osama!! Keep an eye on rate of calf when you are gonna buy! it would be much more efficient if you buy an animal having a ADG of >1Kg. its when calve is 6-8 month old. so you need to buy calves around 7 months having avg weight of 100 kg. these will pick rapid weight gain if you balance your diet and this will drop when weight reaches 180 Kg and drops further till 280kg. so buy at early ...
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Dear Usama, To make it more economical, I will suggest you rather to achieve 17% C.P in TMR in Pakistan the cost of per KG TMR will go up to Rs.29 and your ration will also need high quality roughage. So Ican suggest you to make it up to 15% CP. as Beef animal can eat 10% more ADF as compared to Dairy ration so you can can more wheat straw to make it more economical for your farm. Do add any IO ...
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