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Dear Mr. Sanjay, Its indeed a very interesting question. The science of trace minerals is quite complex however I will try to share some important points related to your query. As you know that mineral bioabsorption and availability varies from one source to another and therefore, Metal Propionates are aimed to have superior bioabsorption. You will be happy to know that to overcome stress issue ...
Article published the May 29, 2012
When we talk about dairy nutrition our discussion is limited to energy, proteins, fats, etc., which have a direct impact on animal health and milk production. As a result, the nutrients that require less quantity, for example minerals or more precisely trace minerals, are often forgotten.Minerals are inorganic elements required for proper growth, body maintenance, nerve function, body enzymes and ...
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Dear Dr. Shivraj, Good article about dairy ration formulation technology with Mumbai dairy farmers.Thank you for going through Kemin nutritional technologies and putting your query regarding formulation of 30-35 litre cow. As per your query, I would like to share that we have a team of Technical and CLS expert in Rajasthan who can come to your farm and discuss the locally available feed ingredie ...
Article published the February 29, 2012
To maximize profitability in dairy farming, it is important to understand the different stages in the life cycle of a bovine and provide special attention during the stages which have the highest influence on productivity and return on investment. The 50-day transition period (20-day close up period and 30-day fresh animal period) is a critical stage, which can form the foundation for a successful ...
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Dear Mr. Venkatesh, Thank you for showing interest in our Silage SAVOR. Our south representative is Mr. Showkat. You can call him on 9032081950 or email on Regards, Dr. Deepak
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Efforts of author are highly appreciable. Chromium improves feed intake and milk production in dairy animals. As far as, harmful effects of health or any long term problem is concerned, it has have identified that Chromium propionate (a source of chromium) is safe to use in dairy animals and has been approved by USFDA.
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Dear Jose & All, Thanks for sharing valuable suggestions. As far as fat nutrition and liver metabolism is concerned, I would like to share some facts. Cow in her last 15 days of calving, reduces approx. 30 % dry matter intake and therefore starts mobilizing fats from adipose tissues to provide energy. In this juncture, liver becomes fatty in late pregnancy. Research shows that higher fat mobiliza ...
Article published the December 17, 2009
IntroductionThere are two main objectives of dairy farming. First objective is to get optimum milk production and second is to achieve maximum reproductive potential (i.e. calf a year) from dairy animals. Understanding the partitioning of nutrients in dairy animals during different phases of lactation cycle, and thereby the need of nutrients according to stage of lactation is important to achieve ...
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Dairy farm profitability or production goal depends upon ideal nutrition and management of the farm and thus lesser treatment cost. I would suggest for uting metabolic profile test at dairy farm periodically to achieve production goal and reducing disease condition/mortality. You may contact me at, for further discussion if required.
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