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T. Ghattas
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Article published the September 25, 2020
IntroductionOne of the most common problems seen during the post –parturient period of high–yielding dairy buffaloes is RFM. It causes important economic losses due to decreased pregnancy rates, increased calving – conception intervals and a rapid drop in milk yield (Semacan and Sevinc, 2005; Seifi et al., 2007 and Rabbani et al., 2010). Most buffaloes usually expel the fetal mem ...
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Article published the July 12, 2019
INTRODUCTIONMycotoxin contaminations pose growing problem in animal production from the economic and toxicological point of view (Marczuk et al., 2012). The adverse effects of mycotoxins manifest both on the health status, production and reproduction in ruminants, (dairy cows specifically) (Violeta-Elana et al., 2010).Feedstuff can be infected by more than one fungus, each of them can produce seve ...
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Article published the March 1, 2018
INTRODUCTIONDifferent estrous synchronization systems exist for ewes, which is used to increase the productiveness percentages. De K et al. (2015) conducted a study to assess the success of estrous synchronization in sheep under field conditions of a semi-arid tropical region. A total of 471 ewes were synchronized for estrous during the years 2011 and 2012, the conclusion encourage the use of estr ...
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