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#Swine gut health
Article published the March 27, 2024
Introduction:Saccharomyces cerevisiae boulardii is a probiotic yeast with an established history of use for the prevention and/or treatment of diarrhoea and chronic inflammatory disease in human medicine. More recently, S. boulardii has also been used in the pig industry to increase performance and reduce pathogen burden during vulnerable early life stages such as post-farrowing and weaning. Recen ...
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Article published the February 17, 2023
Introduction:Liquid feed is the main feeding practice for finishing pigs in Northern Italy and is increasingly becoming a reference for sows and piglets (Lizardo, 2003). The objective of this field survey was to characterize the fermentative profile of different liquid feeds according to the main ingredients used in Northern Italy. Materials and Methods:In order to monitor the fermentation profile ...
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Article published the September 19, 2022
Introduction:Piglet weaning is an interesting model of oxidative stress (OS), but due to large inter-individual variations, there is a need to standardize in vivo response by applying usual challenges, such as vaccination (vacc) and heat stress (HS). The objectives of this trial are the development of a reproducible model of OS and the determination of the most accurate blood biomarkers. The effec ...
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