Article published the April 21, 2015
Question: What is bST? Bovine somatotropin, also known as bovine growth hormone or BGH, is a protein hormone produced by the pituitary gland of cows. There are 20 amino acids that comprise the structure of all proteins and each specific protein has a unique sequence of amino acids similar to the use of letters in the alphabet to spell a word. These 20 amino acids are combined in specific sequence ...
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Article published the January 26, 2015
INTRODUCTION Dairy products are an important source for many vital nutrients including high quality protein, energy, and many essential minerals and vitamins and public health organizations around the world include dairy products in recommendations for a healthy, well-balanced diet (Rice et al., 2013). Dairy products, however, are also a major dietary source of saturated fat, accounting for about ...
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Video published on October 30, 2014
For over a half-century the concept of healthy eating has become synonymous with avoiding fat, especially saturated fat, and this remains a centerpiece in nutritional advice of medical societies and government agencies worldwide. Investigations have shown the science behind this advice, however was based on incomplete and in some cases flawed investigations. Nutritional science has advanced rapidl ...
Article published the March 26, 2014
Introduction Animal domestication has been important in the development of human societies and today milk and dairy products are included in dietary recommendations by public health organizations around the world. Sustainability in agriculture depends in substantial part on the productivity of plant and animal agriculture. Productivity, also referred to as productive efficiency, is defined as the ...
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