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Excellent article and information about the product is well depicted. I would like to know how this product to be used to prevent mouldiness in beer waste. can we prescribe this product for direct use for farmers?If so, kindly let me know th e dosage to be used Regards Dr.Deepa ananth
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Goats are sturdy animals and thrive well in hilly areas. In that context, extensive reariing would be well suited and economical in Katmandu-Nepal area. The maize which is given as source of energy is often infested with fungi causing mycotoxin in animals. This is often world wide problem. Some precautions can be taken to avoid further casualities like this. Making the nomadic community aware of i ...
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Dear All Usually during post FMD, the animal shows hypersalivation and other symptoms of thermal stress due to affection of thermoregulatory centre by the virus. Hipertrichosis is also a feature. Lowering of milk yield would also be a feature. Good old remedies are giving yeast supplements(found to be effective though exact reason is not known) prevention of ruminal acidosis due to excess loss of ...
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Good article. Phosphorus is the costliest mineral in a mineral mixture. Now improved availability of DDGS as byproduct of ethnol production and introduction of phytase enzyme has improved the phosphorus availability. hence the critical availability of minerals are changing on day today basis. ICAR network project on micronutrients has conducted the mineral survey and mapping of mineral stat ...
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Dear Dr. Schang, The low result on addition of allzyme in your diet might be due to the ingredient corn which is low in NSP. Moreover you have mentioned low fibre sunflower (does it mean high NSP or High fibre with low NSP?). Kindly make this point clear. Hence forth the differenciation of fibre like NDF and ADF as we see in cattle rations are required in poultry rations when we speak about enzyme ...
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