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Dear authors, Thanks for your informative studies on NDV isolates of Pakistan. In vaccinated commercial layer&broiler flocks of Karachi and surrounding areas of Sindh & Balochistan provinces, severe outbreaks of VVNDV tentatively diagnosed on the basis of symptoms & lesions. Diagnosis was further confirmed by unsatisfactory HI titres & isolation of NDV.In such type of inf ...
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Dear Dr.Nguyen nhu nguyen, Vaccine was applied during egg production at different age in different farms, based on the observation of signs & lesions of IB infection as mentioned in my comments. Regards
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Dear Brother Husam, A very happy new year to you & all staff of MSD. I am agree with your suggestions to overcome the losses of IB Variants in Middle East. Based on my long experience of working in Middle East and several knowledgeable discussion with you on this issue, I have applied the similar control measures in Karachi area of Pakistan. For your kind information, many IB Variant unvaccinated ...
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Dear Paul Wagura, In MG positive flocks, Timycosin is reducing the clinical signs and lesions but flock remain positive on testing due to the presence of antibodies against MG in the blood. It means that Tilmycosin can not control the carriers.
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MG infection is very common in many countries. Most of the PS & Com. flocks of Pakistan found positive in lab and also showing signs of infection in the field. Negative flocks are getting infection easily from contaminated field.Keeping this in view, I personally feel that sue of vaccines either killed or live is useless. Tilmycosin, the latest antimycoplasma drug is giving better results to r ...
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Dear Pitso Moeketsi,The major cause of Water Belly (Ascites) is lack of oxygen in the poultry house, resulting damage of heart & liver of birds. Following measures can be helpful to reduce the losses:-- Restricting feed intake- Feeding Mash feed of low protein- Stop using water with high level of Sodium.- Prevent chilling or overheating by increasing or decreasing the temperature respectively. ...
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Detoriation of egg quality (weak & misshapen eggshell with watery albumen) is often seen by me in com. laying & breeding flocks of Pakistan and Middle East.Usually farmers, particularly in Pakistan, are not using IB Variant vaccines during the rearing period.Is it advisable & beneficial to use IB Variant vaccines, like 4/91 during laying period in the presence of IB problem?Based on my ...
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Zahoor Sakafi My comments on how to control E.Coli after IB, given on June 29,2018 in forum of Engormix may be of some use for you. Regards Dr. M.Akram
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IB is not the only primary cause of secondary infection of E.Coli. It is very difficult to confirm the diagnosis of IB, due to many serotypes and expensive serological testing methods.Other primary causes like Respiratory viruses ( other than IB), Mycoplasmosis, excess CO2 & Ammonia gases should not be neglected to control E.Coli.Respiratory system is one of the most important system of bird, ...
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It is a nice knowledgeable presentation on control of heat stress.Ref. to Dr. Danny Hooge's article on the same subject, use of 0.4 to 0.5% Sodium Bicarbonate.(NaHCo3) in feed can be helpful to control the Respiratory Alkalosis and reduce the losses during high heat time.I have applied this recommendation in many farms of broilers, particularly naturally ventilated houses and got good results.Kind ...
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