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Discussion created on June 22, 2021
During routine diagnosis in my Lab, I found this case of ILT in non vaccinated 46 weeks old layers in Karachi, Pakistan. Dr. M. Akram, Consultant Microbiologist, Micro Laboratories.
Participation in Forum on June 22, 2021
Dear members, There is a sad news DR. AKRAM is no more wtih us.He died on 8th June, 2021. kindly pray for him. Faisal Akram Son of Dr. Mohammad Akram
Participation in Forum on June 24, 2020
Dear Dr. Kashif, There are many causes of failure of MD Vaccination. Improper storage of cell associated vaccine in liquid nitrogen ( Tepm. -196 degree C) is one of them. No doubt MD is a horizontally transmitted disease, but because vaccination is always done in DOC in the hatchery, this is why the commercial farmers mostly concentrating on this part. The 2nd most important part is the prop ...
Participation in Forum on June 18, 2020
Following are the possible causes of failure of Marek's Disease (MD) Vaccine:-INCOMPATIBLE VACCINE - Qualitatively i.e. not containing correct type of MD strain. Quantitative i.e. not containing enough PFU. Because MD control is becoming more and more complicated, therefore now higher number of vaccine virus ( 2000- 6000 PFU) needed. Initially in early seventies, only few hundreds of HVT freeze dr ...
Participation in Forum on January 13, 2020
Usually commercial broilers are not being vaccinated against ILT. If you are in Karachi, you may visit my lab (MICRO LABORATORIES, Shahra-e- Faisal, 522, Anum Blessings. Tel. 021- 34385807) Pl. bring 4-5 fresh dead birds for diagnosis. Dr. M. Akram .
Participation in Forum on January 9, 2020
Dear Orobiyi Jubril, Infectious Larynotracheitis ( ILT) is a viral infection and there is no treatment for this. It can be control by vaccination of ILT vaccine in Layers & Breeders during rearing period at around 4-6 weeks & 10-12 weeks of age via Intra Ocular route. Dr. M. Akram
Participation in Forum on June 19, 2019
Eduardo Lucio Decanini Thanks for your comments on vaccination against AI. Is it possible to get multivalent live vector vaccine, like AI- H-7, H-9 & H-5 strains for day old use as primer? Regards
Participation in Forum on June 17, 2019
Dear Authors, Based on your knowledgeable work, force moulting could be a good way to save the life of egg producing birds during AI outbreak. I do not have any experience in this connection. Usually I am recommending to vaccinate the flock against specific type of AI with inactivated oil base vaccine for the protection of uninfected birds of exposed flock. I like to add in your work that durin ...
Participation in Forum on May 28, 2019
Dear Authors,Thanks for providing good information to overcome the heat stress in Broilers.Further to this I like to add that supplementation of Sodium Bicarbonate (NaHCO3) @ 0.4% in feed or (0.2% by weight) in water is helpful during heat stress in broilers. Actually panting of birds to fight with high temperature causes loss of Carbon dioxide (CO2) and Respiratory Alkalosis raises pH of blood of ...
Participation in Forum on January 24, 2019
Dear authors, Thanks for your informative studies on NDV isolates of Pakistan. In vaccinated commercial layer&broiler flocks of Karachi and surrounding areas of Sindh & Balochistan provinces, severe outbreaks of VVNDV tentatively diagnosed on the basis of symptoms & lesions. Diagnosis was further confirmed by unsatisfactory HI titres & isolation of NDV.In such type of inf ...
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