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Discussion created on September 25, 2021
Dear Poultry Professionals, I would like to know about occurrence of Inclusion Body Hepatitis (IBH) in Commercial Layers. The Disease has been reported in broilers, but can layer birds also be affected? Vaccination at what age can be helpful if such occurrence is seen in the field? Kindly let me know about the experiences & the treatments followed specifically in Layers, if any outbreak has be ...
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Dear Sir, Thank you so much for such an excellent informative article about Brooding of Chicks. Please guide about the medication schedule needed to be followed during this CRITICAL PERIOD. Regards, Dr. Atul Rajput
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Dear Dr. Rahul, As per the lesions described you, kindly check the size of the bursa along with if any deposition of urates in the urates. If liver is having blotchy spots or mottled liver along with swollen kidneys, fluid in the pericardial sac then you can tentatively lead it towards IBH. But if there is respiratory sound in the flock then Mycoplasma infection can be detected by PM lesions. Also ...
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Thank You to all Repected Professionals for the expert opinions, to summarize the occurence & control of IBH following points came forward... 1. Hygiene & sanitation of the layer farms. 2. Lowered Immune status due to exposure to other viruses, mycotoxins or any bacterial infection 3. Adenoirus transmitted vertically 4. Differential diagnosis in Ascites & IBH need to be done 5. following vacc ...
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Dear Sir, First of all thank you for the article. In north India Ascites is a major problem during winter season. Along with ventilation, strong brooding, ammonial level in shed is also to be checked regularly. Restricted feeding in severe outbreaks of Ascites has poven beneficial to reduce the mortality. Also Vitamin E & Selenium along with Liver tonic helps to improve the condition.
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Hello everybody. very nice detaied discussion on the forum. For Indian conditions this tips will be benenficial. Can yo suggest more about impletation for indian hot & humid seasons. Thank You
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Nice Article about Sudden Death Syndrome in Broilers.  I would like to add that incidence of SDS is seen mainly during summer months. Along with low protein diet & restricted feeding, use of Vitamins like A, D, E & C will definately lower the stress on the birds as well as Vit E & C will act as immunomodulator. Thank You.
Participation in Forum on June 7, 2011
Dear Sir, Thank you for the article. For broilers for 6 weeks deep litter is okay. But for layers deep litter management is laborious, costly & also the egg quality may not be acceptable in the market. Also in deep litter problem of COCCIDIOSIS may arise very easily. During lifetime of Broilers how many times this litteron is to be sprayed? Also will it be economical for the farmer? Any other ...
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