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Participation in Forum on April 9, 2014
As discussed above Nagy is promising the poultry producers with an excellent opportunity to solve health problems regarding poultry diseases . We in Sudan are facing a wide range of poultry health problems. The innovation of combined vaccines should be one of the most promising solutions and still it is not widely applied in Sudan . We hope Nagy will succeed but still we need to know more ab ...
Participation in Forum on December 29, 2012
Dear Dr.John Miller Thank you for your response to my question. What you understand is exactly the situation.
Participation in Forum on December 14, 2012
Dear Dr.John Miller I am very thankful and grateful to the topic you delivered through the video on the site . I am from Sudan, Blue Nile State. I am in charge of the department of veterinary extension and pastoralist development . The BN state lies in Savana belt . It is an agricultural ( rain fed ) and graizing ( nomads ) state . The agriculural and animal graizing are the main acti ...
Participation in Forum on September 13, 2012
Mr, Qussar I prefer you follow restrict sanitary measures in your farm particularly the litter , you have to clean it perfectly , sterilize the floor , change it with a new clean material , use broad spectrum anti biotic ..... you will come to good results ....
Participation in Forum on June 26, 2012
Dear Dr. Sharma & Dr. Ajeet You both represented a valuable article regarding the solution of heat stress impact on poultry production and performance . The heat stress is a serious problem to our egg production in summer . Could you provide more comprehensive information regarding the same topic ?
Participation in Forum on May 22, 2012
Thanks to Dr. Tufail Banday for the valuable information delivered in the article about Necrotic enteritis. The poultry rearing in our area is a deep litter system . So the intestinal integrity is affected due to the contamination of the poultry house with a diversity of infectious agents , so the article is a contribution to the relief of such a problem . Thanks 
Participation in Forum on February 24, 2012
This condition (demonstrated in the photo) is mostly a feed problem rather than an infection . You should check the feed and the flock health performance.
Participation in Forum on December 22, 2011
Could you enlight me more about the photo you are going to apply for experience share ?
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