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João Batista Lancini, DVM, MSc, Poultry Health Consultant, Lavenco Consultant, comments on the experience using Silvafeed® Nutri P, a natural extract used in the Brazilian feed additive poultry market, during the 2019 Multi-State Poultry Feeding and Nutrition Conference and Silvateam’s Technical Symposium.
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Formic acid - strongest bactericidal/ bacteriostatic effect The performance benefits of including formic acid in feed for pigs and poultry that have been reported widely under farm conditions stem from its strong antimicrobial activity; as seen in numerous in vitro tests. Contaminated feedstuffs, recontamination during storage, transport and outfeed result in significant loss ...
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Joshua Jendza Field trials using an organic acid blend of propionic, acetic and benzoic acids administered the first two weeks and the last week of the growout have shown a significant impact on reducing Salmonella at processing (bird washes). Organic acids used at the "proper" dose early and late in the growout addresses early colonization and late recontamination. What you're doing is reducing b ...
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The optimisation of the use of nitrogen (N) in ruminants diet can be highly valuable in terms of profitability and sustainability of any farm. In this study it has been assessed the use of economical source of nitrogen in combination with natural plant extracts, mainly tannins, which can influence protein metabolism in the rumen. Ruminants can make use of certain non-protein nitrogen (or NPN) com ...
News published on March 30, 2017
On the 14th of March 2017, just before the 2017 edition of VIV Asia International Trade Show, Silvateam had the pleasure to host the Silvafeed® Technical Seminar in Bangkok.The main scope of the event was to provide a scientific oriented overview of tannins in animal nutrition and their role in the most topical antibiotic substitution trend, presenting and discussing about Silvateam possible r ...
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Video published on March 29, 2017
Khalid Hasan Khan, Director Marketing for Hilton Pharma - a Silvateam distributor in Pakistan- explains the importance of using Silvafeed® ByPro for ruminants in Pakistan, during Silvafeed Technical Seminar in Bangkok, before VIV Asia 2017.
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