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Dear Martin Smith, after greetings We can discuss in private the vaccination experience in Middle East and Africa countries It would be an opportunity to share with you the concept of vaccination, the expectations, and the possible ways to compare with coccidiostats Regards Amine
Article published the May 14, 2021
1 INTRODUCTIONVaccination against coccidiosis in broilers has become an increasingly important part of a global prevention strategy against the disease. Not only it is an effective treatment against the clinical disease, but it also represents a clear improvement in zootechnical results when vaccines are rotated with classic anticoccidial programmes. There are several studies in HIPRA’s Area ...
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Christi Swaggerty (USDA) talked about Eimeria infection, vaccines and nutrition, among other aspects, during the 1st PoultryUniverse Coccidiosis Congress in Curitiba, Brazil.
This member gave a presentation on February 11, 2019
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IPPE - International Production & Processing Expo 2019
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This is indeed correct @Eileen Han. Could the editors of engormix correct this mistakes. I also notice more mistakes such as "2062.6% to 4763.0%" is 20.6 +/- 2.6% tp 47.6 +/- 3.0%, P,0.001 instead of P<0.001. Probably this are just "copy - paste" errors, however, this are important differences. The original scientific paper can be found on: ...
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Dear Mr. Onwuka I am afraid this vaccine it is not registered in your country. Best regards
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Thanks Dr. Michael Roe! What you have explained, it is exactly one of the main aims of using a coccidiosis vaccine in rotation with anticoccidials!
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Hi Dr. Mathis Thanks for your question. In Farm 2 we used exactly the same programme CBV and CAV, whereas in Farm 1 before the first CDV we used a full chemical programme. However, in this last case the the anticoccidial programme before the chemical and CAV was the same.
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Hi Dr. Ashraf El-ShafieMany thanks for your questions and interest! I will try to reply:1. Birds are vaccinated at one day of age via coarse spray either at the hatchery or at the arrival on farm when they are still inside the boxes. In this last case, they need to be left in the boxes at least for 30'-45', in order to give them the change to pick up the vaccine;2. As you may have understood from ...
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