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Bunmi Onokoya
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Low FCR, Less labour during loading of live birds. Zero cost for litter. Less energy cost for heating in cold climates. faster growing vs on litter. less gastro intestinal problems.The relative humidity must be arranged by keeping the concrete floor wet during ventilation for transferring the heat produced by the birds out.
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Stephen Adejoro Dr Please be aware that betaine CANNOT replace methionine. Use of betaine as an osmoregulator is completely correct; and yes, it CAN play a role as a methyl donor. However, methionine is an essential amino acid, and cannot be replaced. When methionine donates methyl groups, it is recycled and so betaine plays no role in replacement. Numerous trials have concluded that partially rep ...
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multi strain killed vaccines is the answer for prevention. We have coryza+ F.C, which is protecting well. The spread is slow in cages with nipple drinkers compared to water channels and open drinkers on deep litter.For treatment, injection of long acting tetracycline followed by ulphamethoxol+trimethoprim for week gave me good results.The article is total information on the disease. The posting is ...
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Dear Ahmed Anjum, I agree with you in a perfect world. Where we have 100% of farmers and natural birds under control. There we will have the control of this things. Without a good management, we will never be able to go away from AGP and Zinc and other methods. But what is homeostasis in birds? No one till now could really answer me this question and show it to me how it should be, we start easy t ...
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The observations of the author are equally applicable , to all species of livestock consultancy in specific . Good work.
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