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Ph.D. in Nutrition
I am a broadly trained Veterinarian with advance degrees in Monogastric Animal Nutrition. My research is directed towards analyzing immunomodulatory effect of arabinoxylans and mannans with emphasis o
Ph.D. in Nutrition
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Thanks Dr. Fiodor S. Marchenkov, “I agree that it is imperative to look at ingredients. You are correct that xylans and mannans are not the only NSPs, however, they are the most abundant hemicellulosic polysaccharides (a major focus of this article). xylans alone make up 43% while beta-glucans are only 2%. Beta-glucan have a high molecular weight compared to xylan, however are easily broken down ...
Article published the February 5, 2021
Introduction Market availability and fluctuation in the cost of conventional feed ingredients are pushing producers to increase inclusion of low-cost, fibre-rich co-products in the diets of monogastric animals. One major issue of this approach is that digestibility of high-fibre ingredients varies widely, with α-linked starch being digestible through hydrolytic–enzymatic action, but & ...
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Article published the December 20, 2020
1. Introduction Diet induces a change in the microbial ecology and fermentation end products in the gut, which in turn, influences the nutritional, physiological, and immunological functions of pigs (Brestoff and Artis, 2013; Jha et al., 2019). Cereal grains and different agro-industrial coproducts represent major portions of the pig diet which contains a considerable amount of fermentable carboh ...
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BioResource International, or BRI, is a leading developer and supplier of feed additives that help poultry, swine and aqua producers optimize perform...