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Article published the October 21, 2022
I. INTRODUCTIONXylans, together with β-glucans and cellulose constitute non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) that cannot be fully degraded by monogastric animals (Cowieson at al., 2008). NSPs have an antinutritive effect by increasing the viscosity of the intestinal digesta (Choct and Annison, 1992; Craig et al., 2020). This increase in digesta viscosity causes an impairment of nutrient bioavaila ...
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To my knowledge, glycanases can increase the accessibility of phytase to its substrate, resulting in elevated utilisation of nutrients encapsulated by cell walls. In wheat or barley baesd diets, the addition of glycanases can reduce intestinal viscosity, and improve the absorption of nutrients liberated by phytase.
Video published on July 4, 2014
Alex Wu, from the University of New England, speaks about his study conducted to determine if supplementation with dietary enzymes might overcome negative effects of nutrient restriction on performance, carcass composition and bone mineralisation across diets based on different australian cereal sources.
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