Yun-mei Amy Lin
BioResource International, or BRI, is a leading developer and supplier of feed additives that help poultry, swine and aqua producers optimize performance and gut health while maximizing profits in a sustainable manner. Based in the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, a major U.S. biotechnology ...
Article published the August 6, 2021
The approach of supplementing poultry feed with a combination of xylanase and direct-fed-microbials (DFMs), along with other management practices, to improve gut health is gaining increased attention as feed-additive alternatives to replace growth promoting antibiotics (AGP). The objective of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of various combinations of different endo-xylanases and multi-str ...
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Article published the May 4, 2021
International Poultry Scientific Forum            ABSTRACT (Poult. Sci 96(E-Suppl. 1): In the poultry industry, it is common to utilize various enzymes and other feed additives in poultry feed to accommodate the rising demand for safe and affordable proteins and maintain a balance between production, animal wellness, and environmental stewardship. The combined suppl ...
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Article published the April 26, 2021
Introduction:The application of enzymes in swine nutrition has gained traction over the past several years. Exogenous enzymes have become an integral part of commercial poultry feed for enhancing the efficiency of nutrient utilization, thereby reducing the cost of production, and improving growth performance. In swine, the application of exogenous enzymes is not yet a common practice, which demand ...
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Article published the December 23, 2020
Background:Poultry producers are experiencing increasing pressure to limit the use of Antibiotic Growth Promoters. NSPase enzymes can be used to promote growth performance, while enhancing nutrient utilization, improving gut health, and reducing production costs,. Xylanase enzymes are an integral part of commercial poultry production for this reason.The primary objective of this study was to evalu ...
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Article published the December 23, 2020
Given the increasing pressure to limit the use of antibiotic growth promoters in animal production, the availability of alternative approaches to maintaining animal health and productivity becomes imperative for the poultry industry. Essential in evaluating such an alternative is its ability to promote and maintain gut health, which can be measured by 1) gut integrity and morphology, 2) intes ...
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