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The efficacy of combined xylanase and direct-fed-microbial in commercially-raised broilers

Published: May 4, 2021
By: Rasha Qudsieh*1, Yun-mei Amy Lin1, Basheer Nusairat2, and Jeng-Jie Wang1. 1BioResource International Inc., Durham, NC 27703. 2Department of Animal Production, College of Agriculture, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Ar Ramtha 3030, Ar-Ramtha, Jordan.
International Poultry Scientific Forum           
In the poultry industry, it is common to utilize various enzymes and other feed additives in poultry feed to accommodate the rising demand for safe and affordable proteins and maintain a balance between production, animal wellness, and environmental stewardship. The combined supplementation of xylanase and direct-fed-microbial (DFM) to improve gut health and reduce formulation energy is gaining attention.
The objective of this study is to evaluate the efficacy of endo-xylanase and multi-strain Bacillus spp. (EnzaPro®, BioResource International Inc.) supplemented to reduced-energy corn-soy-based diets, based on performance, litter moisture, and carcass traits of broilers raised in the production environment to 42  days.  A total of 7,500 Cobb 430 broiler chicks were randomly assigned to 1 of 3 dietary treatments with 100 floor pens per treatment and 25 birds per pen.
The 3 dietary treatment were: (PC) Standard diet with ME at 3000, 3100, and 3150 kcal/kg in starter (1-14 d), grower (15-28 d), and finisher (29-42 d), respectively; (NC) Negative control with 100 kcal/kg less ME than the PC in all phases; and EnzaPro (EP) supplemented in the NC diet at 100 g/MT. An ANOVA analysis was performed, and the significance was accepted at P < 0.05 for all parameters. EnzaPro improved (P<0.05) BWG by 103 grams and FCR by and 3 points compared to NC at 42 days of age, while mortality was reduced (P<0.05) by 42 %. There were no differences in litter moisture between the treatments. Carcass and parts yield harvested at 42 d were comparable between treatments.  Results suggested that adding EnzaPro at a rate of 100g/MT in 100 kcal/kg energy-reduced mash corn-soy broiler diets can improve growth performance and reduce the overall feed costs. 
Key words: Xylanase, DFM, FCR, ME, Antibiotic free
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Basheer Nusairat
Yun-mei Amy Lin
BioResource International, Inc
Omar Alqudah
8 de mayo de 2021
Good job Dr Basheer Do you think there is a difference in the results if the pellet or crumble diet were used? You know the feed wastage is high in mash diet
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