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Assistant Professor Dr Nihad Alnidawi
Specialized in the use of medicinal plants for poultry products with more than 10 years' experience
Participation in Forum on August 15, 2019
Hi Doctor Go ahead, I'm ready
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It is a good study but anticipated effects and interactions sorghum inclusion and tannin levels in diets were not considered. Serine protease act and improve digestibility of kafirin in sorghum-based diets. However, there is a positive correlation between kafirin and tannin content in grain sorghum. Therefore, it was quite important to consider not only levels of sorghum but also tannin levels. Th ...
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Abstract 1. This study was conducted to determine the effects of hempseed (HS) on performance, egg traits, serum lipid profile and antioxidant activity in Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica). 2. A total of 120 eight-week-old laying quail were divided into 4 experimental groups with 10 replicates. The treatments were as follows: (1) control diet (C, no HS in the diet); (2) 5% HS in the di ...
Participation in Forum on July 2, 2019
STEPHEN OSEI Thank you so much There is a manuscript on the effect of lycopene on production performance with respect
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I am doing a research where I mix moringa leaves powder with maize and pearl millet. the weight of chicks is decreasing more compared to the chicks fed with starter (modern feeds)Could anybody help me with how to calculate nutritional value?
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Interesting article. It may also interest you to read the following articles on Moringa leaves and seeds: 1. Ogbe A.O., Ombugadu S.B., Dan-Azumi O.A. and Ayuba F. (2013): Oral administration of aqueous extract from Moringa oleifera seed, gum arabic and wild mushroom (Ganoderma sp): Effect on growth performance of chickens in comparison with antibiotic. International Journal of Medicinal Plants an ...
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I can't find any data for FCE, which is also very relevant . Normally FCE and LW data are presented together
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An excellent information and research done with herbal . There are so many herbals like Cassava leaves with high protein . By using western medicines there are side effects both for Bird And Consumers with drug residues .Natural herbals are to be experimented like the above Moringa leaves and to be dedicated to people . Immune system will not be disturbed by herbals .
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This is an interesting piece of work with interesting results. I have two questions/suggestions, however:1. Commercial broiler farmers are more appreciative of the cost/benefit analysis but this research completely ignores parameters like growth rate and final body weight2. How was lycopene added to the diets?
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Giang Vu Duy Professor of Animal Nutrition Gac is grown in Vietnam (gac fruit: Momordica cochinchinensis). Lycopene is abundant in gac, lycopene content in gac is 2-3 times higher than that of tomatoes. However, I do not know how one can separate lycopene from gac and refine it into a feed additive to supplement in the chicken diets.
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