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Adisseo Group has completed the acquisition of global feed additives producer Nutriad. This transaction is part of Adisseo’s strategy to become one of the worldwide leaders of specialty additives in animal nutrition. A WORLDWIDE LEADER IN ANIMAL NUTRITION Adisseo is one of  the ...
Video published on April 4, 2019
Glenn Alfred Ferriol, Regional Category Manager for Mycotoxin Management APAC & Indian Sub-Continent, describes the main characteristics of the package of solutions and products to combat mycotoxins in the region, during VIV Asia 2019
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Damer Blake (Royal Veterinary College) discussed interactions with the parasite Eimeria, during the 1st PoultryUniverse Coccidiosis Congress in Curitiba, Brazil.
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Olga Averkieva, Business Development Manager Mycotoxin Management at Nutriad, explains the impact of harvest quality on the occurrence of mycotoxins and introduces the solutions Nutriad offers to help producers manage the mycotoxin risk.
News published on October 18, 2018
Multinational feed additives producer NUTRIAD, market leader in gut health solutions, once again supported the Layer Feed Quality conferences series in Asia as a gold sponsor. With seminars in Jakarta and Bangkok, the multi day conferences focused on three segments: Flock Longevity – Pullet Nutrition; Egg Shell Quality and Egg production without AGP’s. Driven by consumer ...
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News published on July 30, 2018
Multinational feed additives producer NUTRIAD participated in the 3-days 2018 INDO LIVESTOCK exposition & forum in Jakarta (Indonesia) earlier this month. Nutriad was visited by no less than the President of Indonesia, His Excellency President Joko Widodo, who showed great interest in the application of specialty feed additives as part of a strategy to reduce, and in time eliminate, the use of ...
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7/4/2018 - Indonesia
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Brian Fairchild (University of Georgia) offered details of his research on the impact of acidified water treatment during feed and water withdrawal on the recovery of Salmonella from broiler crops and ceca, during IPPE 2018 in Atlanta, USA.
News published on May 31, 2018
Multinational feed additives producer Nutriad participated in the South-East Asia Feed Technology & Animal Nutrition Conference 2018 that took place from May 28-June 1, 2018 in Phuket, Thailand. Belgium headquartered Nutriad was a platinum sponsor of the event organized by the U.S. Soybean Export Council and contributed with two technical presentations on the latest trends in Mycotoxin Managem ...
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Participation in Forum on May 7, 2018
Joshua Jendza you are right. Normally what is available in the market is In it’s salt form ( sodium or calcium) and it’s derivatives (Mono, Di, Tri-Butyrines, totally different form) as a pure butyric acid will be very difficult to handle. But even in a salt form, it can dissolve easily in the drinking water and solubilise, hence it may not reach the target area in the GIT.
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I use butyrates (Na or Ca) in broiler feeds; powder, protected form. They work well in the gut -modulate the microbiota and protect willi. They are particulary useful when no feed antibiotic (AGP) is added. But the "job" must be done in lower gut (intestine) not in the stomach. Then my doubt is how they could pass the stomach without protection-via water. The positive result is proven for powder,p ...
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