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Aaron Cowieson Well said Aaron. We should not be far from formulating diets based on digestible Ca and P,.....and probably digestible energy later on.
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A couple of quick remarks on this topic. When phytic acid is hydrolysed by phytase and the mucosal phosphatases in the intestine the only two direct products of this are myo-inositol and phosphate. We have measured the appearance of both of these in multiple experiments and this is clear evidence of phytase efficacy and its compatibility with endogenous phosphatases in the intestine. All additiona ...
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31st Annual Australian Poultry Science Symposium
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We have published research on herbal met the correct way with dose-response and found no met activity.
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Dr. John Htoo, Director of Global Technical Support for Swine at Evonik Animal Nutrition, speaks about the main challenges animal nutrition industry faces to have sustainable food production, during CLANA 2018
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Peter Ferket (NC State University) explains the goal of a new project, the Animal Food and Nutrition Consortium, and Grady Fain (Nutriad), Paula Barngrover (Premex) and Joan Torrent (Oligo Basics) offered their take on why their companies decided to join in.
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  During the Intestinal Health Workshop, supported by DSM Nutritional Products, Peter Ferket, Extension Specialist and Nutritionist (Poultry) at NC State University, give us details of the impacts of feedstuff processing and the whole feed processing in Poultry.
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