Pat Welch, MSc, PhD, PAS, DACAN
BS (microbiology), MS (Physiology), PhD (Nutrition/Biochemistry)
Live production nutritional services consulting Disease management utilizing water sanitation and litter management techniques Ammonia meter sales and service (calibrations)
BS (microbiology), MS (Physiology), PhD (Nutrition/Biochemistry)
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Good overview of Mintrex chelated trace minerals. It has been shown that Mintrex trace minerals are significantly more bioavailable than inorganic trace minerals. Reduced mineral dietary intake and lower excretion to the environment … best of both worlds.
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Any chance of getting pdfs of your IPPE presentations?
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Excellent and thorough review. Lots of good information!
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Can you send me copies of the two publications you mentioned above. I’m interested in the species and strains in your probiotic. Any presentation (pdf) would also be appreciated. Thank you, P. Welch, PhD Nutritional Services Consulting, LLC Laurel, MS USA
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Can you provide research references for the claims made in this presentation?
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