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Ahmed Abdelmoneim Mohamed
Animal Production
Professional services of animal production
Animal Production
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Nath Morris, Vice President - Expo at US Poultry, discussed the accomplishments of this year's IPPE in Atlanta and detailed the plan for the 2019 edition, which will have important changes and a third hall for exhibitors.
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 IntroductionThe avian influenza virus (AIV) H9N2 subtype was first characterized in 1966 as causing mild respiratory diseases in turkeys (Homme and Easterday, 1970) and, for the first decade after its isolation, was found only in shorebirds and mallards (Kawaoka, et al., 1988). However, after almost 50-years evolution and propagation, the H9N2 viruses have spread across most of the earth, ci ...
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Introduction Avian leucosis virus (ALV) is belonging to the family Retroviridae, subfamily ortho retrovirinae, genus Alpha retrovirus. Exogenous avian leucosis viruses(ALV) are classified into A,B,C,D and J subgroups based on their host range, cross neutralization and viral interference. They can induce different path types of neoplastic diseases in chickens (Fadly and Payne. 2003). Among these su ...
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Hi Everybody, Does anyone know where i can find a scholarship (Master) in animal production. Please need help.
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Looking for Scholarships
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