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Mohamed Abdel Gayed
Reasearcher and specialist of poultry diseases
lab manager in Arab poultry breeders company(OMMAT) master of veterinary virology in poultry poultry diseases specialist
Reasearcher and specialist of poultry diseases
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Dear David, I disagree with your comment that there has been very little success in eradicating the infection [MS and MG] from a farm without depopulation and cleaning but there is the fear that going through such a process will not be worth it if they farm just becomes infected again. In this situation you can look at vaccination as insurance decreasing the risk of waste of effort and money. Pa ...
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Wijaya Saputra Dear according to bio check base line titer MG Elisa titer 1000-3000 and 30-70 serpositive at 6-12 weeks after TS-11 vaccine application so I see this titer and 100 % seopositivity indicate to MG field infection so treat your flock with antimycoplasma and advice you repeat prophylactic anti mycoplasma treatment every 4-6 Weeks
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Dear dr. Wijaya Saputra Seemingly the ELISA titers are not a vaccine titers, because the ts-11 vaccine titers are never ever rise up to this level in 4 weeks period, they diminish or disappear in 4 weeks period. So these titers are infection. So you have to give antibiotics, preferably after sensitivity test for the MG if possible, otherwise, give blindly a reputable anti-mycoplasmal one.
Article published the October 11, 2018
IntroductionAvian leucosis virus (ALV) is belonging to the family Retroviridae, subfamily Orthoretrovirinae, genus Alpha retrovirus. Exogenous avian leucosis viruses(ALV) are classified into A,B,C,D and J subgroups based on their host range, cross-neutralization and viral interference. They can induce different path types of neoplastic diseases in chickens (Fadly and Payne. 2003). Among these subg ...
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1. IntroductionAvoiding contamination is one of the greatest challenges in meat hygiene practice to prolong the shelf-life of meat and prevent food poisoning of consumer. A substantial microbial reduction of potentially contaminated fresh poultry can be achieved by decontamination with chlorines, acid and alkaline solutions. Besides general hygienic measures during the slaughter process sodiu ...
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The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced an agreement with the government of South Korea that significantly reduces negative impacts on trade should another detection of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) occur in the United States. The agreement will allow for trade restrictions at the state level instead of the country level during any future HPAI detections. This acti ...
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Husam Bakri (Vaxxinova) spoke on the risks of avian Influenza and its appearance in combination with IBV or Newcastle, and the importance of good management measures, during IPPE 2018 in Atlanta, USA.
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FindingsAvian influenza virus (AIV) is a member of the Orthomyxoviridae family, Influenzavirus A genus. AIV is characterized by its ability to undergo constant antigenic changes [1]. AIV envelope contains two major glycoproteins, hemagglutinin (HA) and neuraminidase (NA) [2]. The HA/NA proteins play a key role during cellular infection. Different HA/NA combinations allow AIV subtype discrimination ...
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Introduction Gumboro Disease, more properly called Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD), is one of the most important viral diseases of chickens. The virus responsible for this condition (IBDV) can be found in almost all farms and countries. Many studies have already been conducted on this disease but more are still needed to better understand the consequences of the genetic and antigenic variations ...
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Q: What are the essential measures to prevent avian influenza?A: For most farming situations, the best way is to improve biosecurity on the farm, so that it is practiced every day. Make it a consistent habit, including admitting very few visitors to the farm. Anybody who comes on the farm would have to meet personnel and equipment biosecurity standards, for example, people would not go into the ba ...
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