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Dr Wisal M.Khan
Doctor of vet Med
I have started my prof; carrier in the poultry industry20 yrs ago ALNOOR CHICKS as a Farm manager then promoted to GP operation, having More then 20yrs Experience of Pure Lines /GGP/Broilers etc
Doctor of vet Med
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Prolapse is a condition that arises in young layers as a result of many complex reasons during growing age. Managemental practices, lighting, feed quality, nutrition and body weight at the time of point of lay, are the few key factors which predispose the condition... prolapse. In birds which are in peak or going to peak, any changes in feed and nutrition may affect the production.
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Can't get it well plz share it again with its uses in Egg store at Farm level and also at the Hatchery store, meanwhile discuss the dosage. Thanks.
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How do you apply or use the system?Can you send brochures re dosage or application?Thanks.
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The weather constitutes a complex system, which acts upon the bird & exert various detrimental effects on neuroendocrine, cardiorespiratory system. Rearing birds out of their thermal comfort zone could mean failing to leverage full genetic potential. Poultry production in the tropical and subtropical regions having biggest environmental challenge is heat stress which could reduce productivity ...
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Really nice effort, very clear. Regards
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There is no sigle strain IB vaccine to protect variants present in your area. However, Ma5 from MSD is capable of providing protection against different strains. Spraying the vaccine at hatchery will provide better protection. Mycoplasma control at breeder level (Tiamulin at 25 mg per kg for 2days every 28 days in laying) produce Mycoplasma free chicks. This will reduce E.coli load in broiler Chic ...
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The best control measure is to vaccinate the birds between 1-8 days of age with Cocci Vac and even late and this is the best one at breeder layer level and even one can do it late up to 3 wk my personal exp. and if the once done at the Farm next time that Farm can get 50% dose of the vaccine... further, some other exp has done for half dose for the birds and then with litter management it can ...
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There is a simple solution of Cocci Vac spray at day one is best solution to protect Broiler breeders.We have complete control of Cocci in broiler breeder through Cocci Vac D in Pakistan. Cocci Vac D is distributed by I.C.I in Pakistan.I do not remember that i have seen any Coccidiosis case during last 10 to 15 years in well manage farms heaving strict Bio security measure as we can not depend 100 ...
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We can reduce the cocci incidences by maintaining a very good farm environment with perfect disinfection which is suitable to kill oocysts, because coccidiosis is a purely managemental failure disease which will be spread through oocysts. Oocysts can survive years in the soil and there are multiple hosts/vectors for their survival, so it's always better to maintain better farm management condition ...
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In caged birds cocci disease chances r rara If rearing of caged bird is done on floor then vaccination at day one is beneficial In broilers coccidiostat in feed prevents cocci litter management plays a very important role in cocci control. Moisture in the litter must not exceed 30%.
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