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Matías Daniel Richetta I think when we using IDEXX KIT and Software from IDEXX, when machine read result, it was done auto group ( Group 0, Group 1.....) by level of Titer. It is make auto by Software of IDEXX. I also concern about Titer Grouping for ND, APV, IBV....also.
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Dear Dr,With another disease, as ND, APV, can we know Titer Grouping as IBD above - examples: Group 0 titer from 0 to 396, Group 1 titer from 397 to 999......( using IDEXX Test KIT) Best regards,
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Back groundOne of the challenges I had during my work as the research and development manager of one of the leading semi-integrated (rearing/processing) broiler operations in Sri Lanka was to investigate why infectious bursal disease (IBD)  out breaks occurred from time to time in the two close house broiler farms belonging to the company despites of administering three IBD vaccines during a ...
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If I used IB variant vaccine strain 793B, can it protect for QX strain? Thanks
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August 5, 2023
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