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Article published the February 17, 2017
1. IntroductionSince 1990's, there has been a significant increase in the number of highly pathogenic (HP) avian influenza (AI) outbreaks and also in the number of birds involved in those outbreaks [1,2]. The most notable of these recent HPAI outbreaks is a series of H5N1 outbreaks started in China and Hong Kong since 1996, which then spread to other parts of the world including South-East Asia, t ...
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This member gave a presentation on August 7, 2016
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2016 AAAP/AVMA Annual Meeting
This member gave a presentation on August 7, 2016
At the following event:
2016 AAAP/AVMA Annual Meeting
Video published on April 19, 2012
Gumboro disease is one of the major diseases of chickens and is present in most of the chicken producing countries. Infection can seldom be avoided, mostly due to the high resistance of its causative agent in the environment, and vaccination is the only way to prevent the possibly heavy corresponding negative consequences. This video summarizes the key points to consider for the establishment of a ...
Participation in Forum on November 8, 2011
Dear Dr Hettiararchchi, It seems that you have worked with success on the quality of distribution of the vaccination.But if the ELISA titres are reduced after the second vaccination, this is probably because your vaccinations are not effective, and the drop in titres correspond to the drop of maternally derived antibodies. May be your vaccinations are too early, or the vaccines that you are u ...
Article published the September 29, 2011
Introduction Gumboro Disease, more properly called Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD), is one of the most important viral diseases of chickens. The virus responsible for this condition (IBDV) can be found in almost all farms and countries. Many studies have already been conducted on this disease but more are still needed to better understand the consequences of the genetic and antigenic variations ...
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This member gave a presentation on September 7, 2011
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July 4, 2011
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