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Aoun Khan
general manager production
MAnagement of broiler breeder, vaccination practices.human resource management , management of layer birds in cages ........we r running 250 hundered thousand broiler breeder .4million broiler ,,,,1.1
general manager production
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by Sam Shafer New research shows the power of vaccination plus feed additives for birds facing intestinal parasites        Necrotic enteritis (NE) can strike young birds seemingly out of nowhere. The disease, which is driven by bacteria and marked by lesions in the gastrointestinal tract, can lead to massive flock mortality. Poultry scientists have found that flocks can be ...
Participation in Forum on July 13, 2022
Mcf acids are more desirable in children for both NE control and high body weight gain. When formulation of broilers is done. The nutritionist must keep in mind the importance of Mcf acid.
Participation in Forum on March 28, 2022
I think repeat this test Mention the vaccines done up to now with dates pl It is not possible to hv such readings
Participation in Forum on March 22, 2021
Aoa How Vit c effects the liver functions At what age should Vit c b fed to the birds bcs birds hs the capability to produce its own Vit c
Participation in Forum on January 17, 2021
Ascites is associated with a lack of oxygen. The high body weight achievers face this metabolic problem in winter especially. The solution to this problem is the ample supply of oxygen through minimum ventilation.
Participation in Forum on April 8, 2020
Can aflatoxin cause a prolapse?
Participation in Forum on January 3, 2020
What is Water activity means, sir?
Participation in Forum on January 3, 2020
Any simple method to know the mycotoxins in finished feed
Participation in Forum on December 2, 2019
Aoa everyone Insects farming as a protein source for poultry feeds I need complete details of farming harvesting and incorporation in poultry feeds Has someone details Thanking dr M arshad Director shahid feeds pakistan
Participation in Forum on November 25, 2019
Aoa everyone Has someone knowledge of Insect farming for poultry feed protein requirements and its brooding rearing and harvesting. How can we produce this cheaper source of protein for poultry feed?
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