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Solutions focused on ruminant nutrition

Published on: 2/22/2021
Author/s : Guillermo Pardo, Technical Department, Liptosa
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The development of solutions and products focused on ruminant nutrition has been linked to LIPTOSA since its foundation, more than 25 years ago. Over this time, the evolution of production systems and the needs of the sector led to the mainly enhancing and expanding of monogastric animal lines.
Today, strongly established in both national and international markets, the company is committed to expanding into new business lines, and by renewing and increasing its ruminant product range.
Solutions focused on ruminant nutrition - Image 1
Thanks to the deep knowledge of production systems and an ever-evolving R&D department, LIPTOSA advances the needs of our customers, providing natural solutions for the control, prevention, and support of animals at critical times of their production cycles.
Traditionally, ruminants have been considered a sector of minor interest, due to their greater rusticity or less intensified holdings. However, the current situation and modern production systems show that the greater demand on these animals, and the least possible use of chemical molecules, opens a window into these types of natural products and solutions to help maintain an optimal health throughout their productive life.
From LIPTOSA we have focused our ruminant line on two major divisions: the early stages and adult productive states. With our products for young animals on first stages of production, we want to meet all the needs and get ahead of the common pathological processes, which occur from birth to weaning and in the early stages of fattening.
A good start to lactation is essential in pre-weaning phase, where we perform with AURIMILK, our updated line of acidified phytobiotic milk replacers, and with our post-calostral application booster. Calf scours can be considered the main threat in preruminants, assuming up to 70% of mortality at this stage. For this reason, we have developed different formats (gel, soluble powder, syringe) that help the multifactorial control of these pathologies, while stimulating the correct development of the digestive microbiota. For the prevention, support, and recovery of diarrheal processes, we have differentiated new formulas within our range of HIDRALIP rehydrating tonics; allowing them to act specifically in the different stages of these processes, depending on the degree of affliction of the animals or the challenge they face.
Solutions focused on ruminant nutrition - Image 1
Respiratory problems constitute another major cause of mortality in young animals, associated with geographical areas, environmental causes, or high circulation of animals on farms. Our phytobiotic solution of the HYGEN PRO range allows to use a natural alternative as a preventive approach, in cases where pathological outbreaks are identified early (certain times of the year, historical pathology in the exploitation or transfer of animals), or as an ideal adjuvant to the etiological treatment of these pathologies, alleviating the symptomatology of the affected animals and helping to accelerate their optimal recovery.
After weaning, the animals will continue to the rearing or fattening phases. For these, Liptosa has conceived LIPTOTRAN and LIPTOTRAN PLUS, natural tranquilizer products, whose synergistic combination allows to reduce stress while improving ruminal function, resulting not only in a decrease in undesirable behaviors, but also to improving the zootechnical performance of these animals.
In adult productive states, it is worth highlighting the line of GLYADD chelated minerals, allowing the manufacture of mixtures at the customer's will, thus being able to correct the different mineral imbalances, enhancing natural biological processes and helping to prevent certain pathologies of remarkable economic impact in the sector (foot problems, improvement in udder health, etc.). In this context, we also feature the rise of the FINTOX line in high-production animals, in many cases considered resistant to major mycotoxins, whose subclinical action causes significant economic losses to producers.
Formulas focused on major metabolic diseases in milk production are in place from the company's first steps in animal nutrition, providing solutions in various formats for the prevention and recovery of liver metabolic disorders (such as ketosis, gestation toxemia or fatty liver syndrome) or calcium metabolism and other trace elements (hypocalcemia, hypomagnesaemia, or hypophosphatemia). As a result of Liptosa’s vast know-how in liver health and our extensive knowledge in digestive metabolism, new formulas are currently being developed aimed to improve the productive life and yields of dairy cattle, allowing livestock to optimise their ration while protecting them from the wear and tear they are subjected to in the current production rhythms.
Finally, it should be noted that LIPTOSA's ruminant product range is constantly evolving, adapting to the demands of the sector, and providing a personalized and quality service to its customers. Our commitment is to provide solutions under the EU's strictest production standards and true to our philosophy of leveraging natural resources to provide effective products and the best service.
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