Potassium Permanganate in Fish Ponds

Forum: The Use of Potassium Permanganate in Fish Ponds

Published on: 02/18/2008
Author/s : Andrew M. Lazur - Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida
Potassium permanganate, KMnO4 , is a chemical oxidizing agent that will react with any organic matter in a pond including algae, bacteria, fish, particulate and dissolved organic, and organic bottom sediments. It has been used in fish ponds to treat common fish pathogens such as gill parasites and external bacterial and fungal infections. Contrary to some reports, potassium permanganate does not a...
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February 18, 2008

Comprehensive detail in understanding the importance of Kmno4 in fish culture, gives insights on how well it can be used to improve the culture condition bringing results as requirement demands for good aquaculture practices within the limits.

Bawo Ikomi Bawo Ikomi
Animal Health Technologist
February 20, 2009

Can we say potassium permaganate is a form of probiotic for fish ponds? It serves the same purpose of breaking down fish wastes, removing iron and other harmful bacterias and viruses in fish ponds.

March 20, 2009

Potassium permanganate is good for treatment of fish. I have used potassium permanganate in treatment of ectoparasites of African catfish. The best means of utilization is not realy through broadcasting in culture water. This is because of several reasons.

1. Potassium permanganate is easily taken up by microbes, zooplanktons and phytoplanktons in the water. It is also easily taken up by slime, materials and substrate.

2. Potassium permanganate can be easily missused and poison the fish if handled by non professional. The fish can be easily stressed by uncontrolled broadcasting in pond surface area. This could to secondary problem in health and fish welfare.

3.To be specific and direct in treament, it is better to apply as a bart treatment in specific volume of water depending on the fish biomass under treatment.

Dosage also depends on severity of infection and age of fish.

4. Barth treatment is very specific and effective in utilisation and has yielded good results against popular ectoparasite and bacteria infection of fish.

Potassium permanganate used in dip barthing can easily be controlled than the broadcast upon the whole pond. This would reduce stress upon fish and offer direct observation on effectiveness of treament.

I have used this method severaly and it works well. However potassium permanganante can be used as broadcast in treatment of whole pond area especially when infection is endemic and there are fears of possibilities of spore formation within pond. This would take good care of the infection while fish are safely treated. This barth means is also good in terms of cost effectiveness as potassium permanganate is not cheap.

October 4, 2020

Uchechukwu Enyidi Hello sir, i have issues with my Tilapia fish, their eyes are bulging/sollen like big balls, how can I use potassium permanganate to treat them?

Le Le
May 3, 2009

The use of Potassium permanganate kali in Fish ponds (or Shrimp pond) is very good, I practised and recorded that it can treat some diseases.

Alabi Kehinde Alabi Kehinde
Animal Nutritionist
November 4, 2009
broadcasting can be use in large eathen pond
Ganacen Mitts Ganacen Mitts
October 26, 2010

Is it possible to add calcium sulphate along with pottassium permanganate to treat either shrimp or fish pond after cultivation or harvesting to clear the algae etc in the sedimentry soil? Is it safe to use both chemicals?

What would be an alternative source to clear the ponds?


Render Render
Account Executive
November 26, 2010

Potassium permanganate is good for treatment of fish. It is very important to keep the water clean in fish culture, but it is usually very difficult
to regulate the water. We usually add fish lures (betaine) to the fish feed to reduce the leftovers. At same time, we use probiotics to treat water. It is a complex problem.

February 23, 2011

interesting article about Potassium permanganate. i have found it help myself but as bath rather than broadcasting. 

can someone help me i need input like fish oil and cattle bloodmeal for fish feed manufacturing, i need imported stuffs reach me within 3days


February 24, 2011
KMno4 is strong oxidising agent & require lot of prcautions ,it is expensive. So, i will recommed the use of ureaperoxide(

Urea peroxide has lot of advantage over KMno4

-100 gms of uhp = approximately 35 % H2O2= 16 gms oxygen= 16000 mg oxygen.
hence cosidering maximum solubility of Oxygen in water 7 ppm approximately = 43 mgs of UHP is enough to saturate 1 lits of water with oxygen.

-Decomposed product is Urea & water,hence no residual effect.No increase in TDS

- Urea is act as nitrogen source for the aquatic plant

Hence ,i will suggest use of UHP in place of KMno4

Datta Joshi

January 11, 2021
whats is UHP ?
May 4, 2011
KMn04 can release quick oxigen to the pond water, and it also usefull for disinfacte some microbial diseases in fish pond. 2 ppm is seems to me effective in controlling the ectoparasite and sudden oxigen deplation.
July 7, 2011

I agree with said friends, that potassium permanganate, KMnO4, is best used for the treatment of fish from bacteria and ectoparasites or as a disinfectant in fish pond. But the thing is, we in Indonesia have difficulty KMnO4 in large numbers because this material is forhibited for sale in large quantities. KMnO4 container can also be used as a material for " bomb ". I want to ask is there any other material that can be used instead of potassium permanganate?


July 8, 2011
in fish regulation of dissolve oxygen in pond water using any chemicals is not so good in all cases. rather it should be regulated biologically or if urgent mechanically.if the culture system is extensive or improve extensive then maintain of plankton base in a sustainable limit and limiting the anaerobic microbes and and other micro and macro organisms which utilize oxygen for respiration. it also necessary to control COD in pond ecology. if the culture system is intensive or ultra intensive then additional oxygen have to be supply using aerator. when use chemicals for supply oxygen then other chemical properties of the pond water may be changed particularly pH. when it becomes urgent supply of oxygen ( in case of sudden DO depletion) zeolyte, oxymax, oxyflow and bio-ox can be used. dolomite also works to some extends to enrich oxygen in fish farm.

Md. zahangir Alom

September 13, 2011

yes potassium permanganate was a true practable solution, but since it became too expencive i think in large farms this is no more a properiate choice

September 21, 2011

potassium permanganate is the immediate solution for maintaining the oxygen level in the fish pond and long term solutionis to be sought.

September 21, 2011

paddles and ploughers are much more cheaper, practable and better oxygen suppliers. potassium permanganate does not work good enough in ponds of high organic load as in earthen ponds (widely used in egypt)

October 17, 2011
Can we use Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate in Fish & Shrimp Ponds? If so what levels?
October 17, 2011
i do not know
February 7, 2019
Enter your comment I think animal waist product are also use for treatment of fish pond, e.g cow dum and chicken dum

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