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In commercial aquaculture, the cost of feed is the main problem as it constitutes up to 60% of the total cost of production1. Hence, many researchers examined the use of substitute protein and lipid sources, especially the vegetable sources to replace fish meal and fish oil (FO) that are the cheaper, leading to reduce the feed cost2,3. Lipid is considered one of the most important compon ...
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The title of your work is determined for PHYTOBIOTIC, even though a commercial product having additional ingredients was used. This doubts results to phytobiotics only. Moreover the concentration of each ingredient in the product wasn't mentioned. Please illustrate.
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KM.KARTHIK adsorbant and chelating agent . Rich in silica.
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Paul Roberts thanks alot for your valuable advices. Truly, I admire your experience.
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Water quality is determined by some variables like temperature, transparency, turbidity, water colour, carbon dioxide, pH, alkalinity, hardness, unionized ammonia (NH3), nitrite and nitrate (Saeed, 2013; Saeed and Abdel-Mageed, 2011; Chandra Das et al., 2005). For improving water quality and decreasing ammonia toxicity, there are several possible methods including zeolite addition (U.S.EPA, 2007; ...
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Is it economic to prepare tons of fly larvae to replace the tons of fish meal needed daily for aquaculture.
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Dear Dr. Francis, dear Dr. Banerjee,There has been numerous information on the use of KDF in various fish and shrimp species since several years. The trial reported above is yet another study, this time reporting the impact of the additive under field conditions in tilapia with a bacterial stressor. You will certainly agree with me that it is always tricky to establish completely randomized design ...
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phytogenics are promising. the more accurate distillation of extracts like phenoles, trepanoids and saponins the most stimulation you can get. oregano thyme junipar...are source for CARVACROL. THYMOL, LINALOO, PENIN, CENEOL....
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The challenges of diseases are more potent than the ability of Eubiotics
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Does the alcohol used to dissolve the testesterone hormone affect the Yeasts in the product
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