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Impact of dietary potassium diformate on bacterially challenged tilapia under commercial conditions

Published: August 22, 2018
First published at the 18th ISFNF conference (International Symposium on Fish Nutrition and Feeding), in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, from 3rd to 7th June 2018. Introduction: Global production of farmed tilapia in more than 140 countries exceeded 5.7 million t in 2017, an increase of almost 130 percent in ten years. This tremendous growth in production requires high-quality ...
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Christian Lückstädt
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Mohamed AbdElmohsen
Egavet Company
28 de agosto de 2018

Nice data please Dr. Christian I hope to send for me copy from this paper special with me in Egypt. Need to apply this trial in my work at fish research center. Suez canal University ismailia city. Egypt.
Best regards
Your friend Mohamed Abd Elmohsen

 Anani A. Francis
28 de agosto de 2018

Results are quite encouraging. The concern I have about the study is that a single cage system (experimental unit) was used per Treatment. Each Treatment should have been replicated at least twice so that variability associated with each could be estimated. Besides, the researchers should have also varied the inclusion levels of the additive so as to establish the level that gives the best results. Just studying a single dosage of the additive is not scientifically robust enough. What informed their choice for the 0.4% inclusion level of the KDF?

Hence, I suggest that the Scientist(s) repeat the study with sufficient replicates of both the Treatment and the inclusion levels of the additive so as to make the findings more conclusive.


Biplab Banerjee
29 de agosto de 2018

Dr. Christian presented a valuable information on KDF. 4%KDF in feed treatment showed an encouraging result on Tilapia, o.k. fine. In a country like India where IMC is of top most choice, whether we can expect the same result?

Durojaiye Abiola
6 de septiembre de 2018

A very good study! The information provided is excellent. However, it would be good if the number of treatments is increased to test for variability. Again, good job!

Christian Lückstädt
2 de octubre de 2018

Dear Dr. Francis, dear Dr. Banerjee,
There has been numerous information on the use of KDF in various fish and shrimp species since several years. The trial reported above is yet another study, this time reporting the impact of the additive under field conditions in tilapia with a bacterial stressor. You will certainly agree with me that it is always tricky to establish completely randomized designs if you are using large scale commercial farms for a test. On the other hand, we had already reported in a meta-analysis back in 2012 on the average impact of KDF on tilapia performance. Thus the dosage range was known - and varied from 0.2% till 0.5%. Since the customer reported issues with bacteria related mortalities, we choose 0.4% as an effective dosage.
Regarding the information on carps, as requested by Dr. Banerjee... yes, we had carried out trial in Common carp in Europe. Here, we were able to see with a dosage of 0.5% improved FCR, PER as well as phosphorus and nitrogen retention. Hope this helps in better understanding the use of dietary potassium diformate in fish.

Biplab Banerjee
4 de octubre de 2018
Dear Dr.Christian Lückstädt , Thank you for your kind reply on the trial with KDF conducted on common carp. In fact majority of the fresh water aqua farmers in West Bengal, India, uses farm made feed (De-oiled Rice Bran(DOB),Ground nut oil cake,Soya powder,Maize powder,Vitamin(Vetos) and mineral mixures,salt etc.mixed at their appropriate proportions) for growth of Catla catla, Labeo rohita and Cirrhinus mrigala and some minor carps. The feed is either given in the feed bags or some time they use broadcasting method preferably in fry&fingerling stages. Can I use KDF as a feed supplement directly in these mixtures? Dr.Biplab Banerjee
shaik karimulla
2 de octubre de 2018
Kdf is a miracle product for mortalities in aquaculture.
3 de octubre de 2018

How to use kdf in shrimp pellet feed after manufacturing?

shaik karimulla
5 de octubre de 2018
feed additives only.
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